Why is toilet seat turning blue?

We know of the dozens of symptoms that indicate the presence of a life in a woman’s womb. The nausea, the absence of the period, the dizziness and countless others, however, there is one more of which you probably did not know.

With the explosion of Internet use and women sharing their symptoms, the blue coloration on the toilet water or on the cover has been a topic of conversation recently.

According to What To Expect, this “symptom” has been present for years among pregnant women, but it is not something that has been discussed at the scientific level, so many women who experience this phenomenon are not comfortable sharing, and many think they may be imagining it.

I have been pregnant 3 times, but it has never happened to me, but now I wonder if maybe it happened to me, but because I didn’t know about it, I didn’t pay attention to it.

In the Reddit forum, one of the users comments that she noticed that her toilet turned blue and that after searching on Google, she discovered that many women had had it during pregnancy.

Among the answers are women who comment that they have gone through the same thing. “This is something that happens. It’s inexplicable. Some people think it’s from unwashed pants, but this also happens to women who never wear pants,” Momma explains.

Although there is no scientific version of why this happens, one of the versions accepted by at least some doctors is that it may be due to the use of certain prenatal vitamins. However, there are many women who take prenatal vitamins even if they are not pregnant (I include myself in that group because I have taken them a long time before becoming pregnant so that my body is prepared for possible pregnancy every month, and although they are blue, I do not remember what happened to me) and they do not experience this phenomenon.

On the other hand, another possible explanation is the hormonal change that happens in the body of a pregnant woman. The presence of hormones such as HCG, a hormone secreted by the placenta in formation since the beginning of pregnancy and never present in the body of a non-pregnant woman, and its interaction with the chemicals present in the toilet seat could cause this unexplained reaction.

On the other hand, an article published in Chemistry provides a somewhat deeper explanation for this:

“I know it’s caused by a change in hormone levels and it seems to be more extreme when vitamin b levels also change. Chromhidrosis is a condition that causes a visibly blue sweat. However, you would see blue spots on her clothes and sheets. Hormonal changes can cause temporary pseudochromhidrosis. This condition produces a clear sweat that reacts with certain surface bacteria and the result on some surfaces is a blue/purple stain. Only a cleaner with an acid base can remove it.

And while there is no consensus as to the real cause, there does seem to be unanimity in the fact that this only occurs in pregnant women. So if it happens to you, you may be pregnant without knowing it.

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