What is the Composting Toilet For Tiny House?

We have all been taught the flush-and-forget system: We don’t see where our waste goes and we don’t have to deal with it. Otherwise, along with the flushing problem, wastewater treatment is extremely energy intensive and the whole world shouldn’t continue using perfectly good drinking water to flush away our waste.

Composting toilet for tiny house.

As part of the mini-series on green water technologies, today we look at the composting toilet. With the leading of technology nowadays, this natural, water-saving toilet system is becoming popularity in our modern life!

So have you ever think about a composting toilet in your tiny house? This information below will give you a better view of a composting toilet for your little home sweet home. Let’s take a closer look!

We highly recommend you to think about composting toilet and we ensure that you will feel comfortable with it. It is simple to use, to clean and it has absolutely no odor. The only downside that we see is the cost (though we truly believe it was considerable value for money).

What is Composting Toilet For Tiny House?

The key feature is the separation of urine and solids. This makes the whole process of dealing with human waste much easier and simpler. Urine is basically sterile and does not pose a health risk. It’s easy to dispose of, either in a small drain pit or even as grey water. Some people collect the urine in a tank, dilute 10:1 with water and use it as fertilizer for their plant...

Solid human waste is about 80% water by volume. The fan in a composting toilet vents the moisture to run out and the solid material starts to dry out. As it loses moisture, the waste shrinks almighty. This is the reason why capacity of the  toilet is large. A household of 4 will totally empty about every 3-4 weeks.

Beside that, quickly after the solid waste begins to dry out, most odor was gone. Any odor that lefts is exhausted outside by the fan which should run 24/7. It is a very quiet fan but it does make a whispering noise, so you will want to place this toilet in a separate room from where you sleep. The fan will immediately aerating the solid waste chamber and this little fan helps to further dry out the contents of this chamber. By mixing the solids chamber daily with the hand crank, the solid waste mixes with dehydrated peat moss which placed inside the toilet before first use. In gravity systems, odors from the holding tank can get into the living space. The system makes and processes waste with no offensive odors and uses no permeable hoses. Combined with its active venting system, it simply will not smell up to your living area. How many mobile sanitation systems can do this?

To conclusion, I think a composting toilet is a worth experience to all of us. Have you ever used a composting toilet? If not, would you install one in your home? If you are interested about it and have any question, please don’t you ever mind to contact us. We are always here for you and eager to help!

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