What is the Composting Toilet For RV?

What is the composting toilet for rv

RVs can take away more of your travel time, but it gives you a mind-blowing experience that lets you observe the lives of others as well as find new opportunities and inspirations along the way. RV will be the ideal means to bring you to complete freedom.

A simple RV is equipped with a kitchen, bed, toilet and other accessories. Depending on your budget and needs, you can own different types of RVs. So have you ever wonder how a toilet in a RV look like? When you’re used to flushing everything down the pipe never to be seen again. Now we will give you some interesting information about a composting toilet for RV. Let’s take a closer look!

After reading a lot of articles and the risky about using and operation of RV toilets, we decided to look into composting toilets for RVs. We hope you find this information will be helpful when you make your decision. Please read about how we made out with our composting bucket toilet

The thought of an RV composting toilet can be a hard one for some RV owners to continue. Despite the first hesitation, people who do a installation for a composting toilet quickly find out that this alternate form of disposing waste while on their travel is very effective and easy to use. Not only is it surprisingly clean environmentally friendly in ways that traditional toilet set-ups simply are not – a properly functioning RV composting toilet does not smell at all!

What is composting toilet for rv?

A dry composting toilet uses none of water, so that means there is no plumbing, no chemicals, no flushing needed at all, it’s totally natural and organic. The toilet is like a mini ecosystem that splits the liquids (the pee) and the solids (the poo) so the solids can change into humus. Returning humus to the soil is an ecological benefit no different than adding animal manure purchased from a landscaping store. The toilet has a trap door that leads into the lower tank (compost area) and the liquids are directed to the front tank. That keeps the two from mixing so you don’t get the chemical reaction that creates the bad smell (the smell that seems to keep in the bathroom for 30 minutes after someone “going”).

The compost dumping schedule depends on how many times you go in a day, how much toilet paper you use after going and how many people are in your RV.  You can also empty the solids tank in a composting bin to be used for fertilizing ornamental plants, if a compost pile isn’t available you can simply put the solids into a composting bag and throw it into the trash (it will continue to compost in the bag).

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What is the Composting Toilet For RV?

Why do you need one?

These are some reasons why you should choose a composting toilet in your RV.

  • Simple to install.

Because there is no plumbing, only one vent hose to run outside and one tiny fan, there isn’t much to install. Just make sure you will watch some instructions before you get started.

  • Saves a lot of fresh water and energy!

Composting toilets do not need fresh water for flushing is a good news for everyone. It’s a dry toilet that uses organic materials to deal with human waste. There is a number that published by The American Water Works Association Research Foundation that more than 30% of household water use just for flushing their toilets. That means our fresh water tank will last longer for more showers, dish washing and drinking. This is a very good ideal for your “wild camping” and when you have a limited water source.

  • Smell less than a normal toilet!

It clearly smells less than a regular one and the smell is way less offensive while “going”. When the solids and liquids are separate, they don’t make that typical sewage smell that lingers on for hours. Inside the solids tank is peat moss or coconut coir (it is more sustainable). There is also a fan in the tank, it will lead the air along with the bad smells go out while keeping the moisture down inside the solid tank. We must dump it about a week or 10 days for two people living in the RV full time. There are a lot of dump station to empty your gray and black water holding tanks. It is a properly designed facility intended to take the discharge of wastewater from any holding tank or similar device installed in any entertainment vehicle (RV) and having a means of discharging the contents in an acceptable manner to an approved wastewater disposal system.

  • Fantastic food for Plant!

We’ve been using animal poo (like cow’s) for a long time as manure for gardening because of it benefits…so have you ever think about using yours? There is an entire book dedicated to the subject called The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure. And please do not forget the liquids! Ammonia in your pee has tons of great nitrogen (the stuff included in fertilizers) and can be used for landscapes, fue, and fiber.

What is the Composting Toilet For RV?

Things to condider when installing a composting toilet for your own RV.

1. Space

The first thing you should consider about is measure the available space to get a new composting toilet. Your RV will fit a toilet with how many inches wide and inches deep?

2. Installation

Some composting toilets require ventilation and power for the fan, which would require drilling holes and    running a hose.

3. Organic Material

You need to go to the store to get organic material such as sawdust or coco fiber (coco coir) and storage space.

4. Cost

There is a significant difference between the $10 bucket toilet to the $1k+ composting toilet. After taxes, shipping and installation, a composting toilet could end up costing a lot more than expected. Is it worth it?

In conclusion, should you find another RV composting toilet, or one you can convert into a composting toilet (even decide to make your own from scratch). There are a huge number of resources online to help you decide if the product is right for you or not. Please look for user feedbacks and compare all of it to help you ensure you are making the right decision. Good luck!

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