TOTO Eco Soiree Review

TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco soiree toilet is one of the best TOTO toilets available on the market nowadays. This is a toilet that can enrich the way your bathroom looks and make it highly functional at the same time.

Among many other toilets from TOTO, this Eco Soiree Elongated One Piece Toilet with Chrome Plated Sanagloss model is considered one of the tops in the range. The flushing system incorporated into this toilet is one of the most modern systems.

 It has a dual cyclone flushing system that will not only be efficient at eliminating residue but also at saving water. But this is just one of the amazing features that this toilet possesses. It also has an aesthetic design that complements even the most modern bathrooms.

And speaking of aesthetic aspects, this TOTO toilet comes in four different colors to choose from such as colonial white, a bone shade, cotton white, and Sedona beige. All these colors are impeccable, and they can match any bathroom background.

Best Features

It is hard to resume the features of TOTO Eco Soiree because these toilets come with so many of them! The fact that this is a one-piece toilet is convenient for more than one reason.

First of all, it will be easy to install in almost any type of bathroom. Second, it is a very aesthetic piece as it is built as a unitary item. Another great feature is the Sanagloss ceramic glaze that covers the toilet, and it is very effective in protecting it against several factors.

This ceramic glaze also facilitates the cleaning process as residue will not be stuck to the interior walls of the toilet, which can be a great advantage. Maintenance is sustained by the way the toilet is coated with a high-quality ceramic glaze which also makes it look better for a longer time.

The piece of resistance when it comes to the features of this product is the double cyclone flushing system. It helps to maintain your toilet clean and the flushing more efficient. It also helps you save water consumption. Consumption, when you use this TOTO toilet, is 1.28 Gpf/4.8 Lpf.

The height of this toilet is perfect for any adult as it is universal. This increases comfort, and it also makes it perfect for your entire family as it fits any adult height in a good way.

It also comes with an elongated front bowl that looks very nice, but it is also very functional when it comes to flushing. The soft close seat will make this a very silent toilet among other features which will make you wonder how did you make it without this until now.

It is also an ADA compliant product that meets most important standards in the industry such as the ANSI/ASME ones and the CSA B45 requirements. Thanks to these aspects, TOTO Eco Soiree is one of the safest and most efficient toilets on the market while it provides just the right amount of comfort for everyone using it.

Things to Know

Normally, this TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco Soiree toilet should be installed without any problems during the process. You should, however, check if your pipe fits this type of toilet. If it doesn’t fit, you should invest in an extender, but most likely this will not be the case.

In normal circumstances, you should be able to install this toilet by using only the pieces that come in the box. This is possible even if you are not an expert at installing toilets. However, if you encounter problems or you notice that the toilet is leaking, you should consider talking to a professional person.

Best Comparison

TOTO Eco Soiree is hard to be compared with other toilets, even other TOTO models. This happens mainly because all TOTO models are coming with something original on the market that might be hard to find at other similar products.

Price Changes

Since this is a TOTO toilet, the price doesn’t change much as it comes with qualities that you might not be able to find at other products.

The TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco Soiree toilet is not one of the cheapest toilets on the market, but even in these conditions, the price it comes at is very convenient considering its features. You will be charmed by all the features that come along with this product as soon as you start using it.


It will be hard for you to find a better toilet unless you look at other TOTO models. But even so, this TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco Soiree toilet comes with original features that are representative for it.

The best feature that you will fall in love with is the double cyclone flushing system. Because of this toilet functions so smoothly and it is fairly easy to clean and maintain, you will want to use it in every bathroom you have.

This is why you might not even purchase just one, as you see how efficient it is. Overall, this product is a long-term investment that should come with no regrets thanks to its supreme and impeccable quality!