TOTO Drake Review

The Toto Drake CST744S Elongated Bowl and Tank is one of the best commercial grade two-piece toilets you can find in the market. If you run a business such as a hotel or a restaurant, and you need the best grade of toiletry in the restroom, the Toto Drake Extended Bowl and Tank is the one for you.

 It is a real combination of the transitional design with a powerful G-Max flushing system. A lot of people might have been used to two-piece toilets since that is the way most conventional toilets are designed. This particular toilet is here to change the game completely. It has a ton of features to offer, and the best part is that it is very cheap.

A lot of buzzes would stir up due to the price of this toilet. It is very cheap, and most people might assume that it would not be as efficient as other Toto brand products. One of the special advantages of this toilet is that you can purchase it in large quantities.

Since it is ideal for public places, why not purchase it in numbers? Coupling the price with the features this product offers, you would realize that it is the best two-piece toilet for commercial purposes.

Best Features

The features of the Toto Drake Elongated Bowl are not too farfetched; simple and few.  To break the ice, the Toto Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank has a contemporary and high profile design. It makes it fit into the commercial world easily, without lacking aesthetics.

Taking a deeper look into the product, it has a G-Max flushing system that flushes quietly yet powerful enough to keep the bowl clean sparkling after one flush. This flushing system makes it stand out regarding commercial grade performance.

 However, you can purchase other add-ons to enhance the flushing system. One of these is the Fast Flush system. The Fast Flush system has a valve that is 3 inches wide; which is larger than the conventional flushing systems.

One other fascinating feature is the fully glazed trap way which is wider than the conventional toilet and is designed by a computer. It makes room for a large water surface when flushing. However, this product doesn’t come with a toilet seat.

Things to Know

Since you have decided that you want to purchase this product, there are a few things you should know. It does not come with a toilet seat, and its parts might arrive separately at your place. One of the reasons why this is so is that it is a two-piece toilet and it is very cheap.

Two-piece toilet means that it has two separate parts that are attached and cannot work without each other. On the other hand, cheap toilets do not come with extra comfortable parts. 

Next, note that the product comes in five colors; White, bone, colonial white, ebony, and Sedona beige. You would be asked to choose a color before you pay for the product. This product is a mixture of aesthetics and durability.

 It includes a bowl and an ST743S-01 tank. It has a 12 inches rough in and does not consume much water. It has a consumption rate of 6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf, even with a siphon jet flush action system.

Produced by a brand that has withstood the tests of time, with up to a century of production in the plumbing industry, the Toto Drake Elongated Bowl is the best product for you. The Toto brand has been on top in the business for years. Their designs are top notch as they embrace product performance, functionality, quality, and satisfaction of the customers.

Best Comparison

If you want to compare the Toto Drake Bowl and Tank to any other product, then you are going to do a lot of research.

 There are a lot of two piece toilets in the markets, but the Toto Drake Extended Bowl and Tank is made with precision and expertise to meet the usage requirements. This is what makes it one of the best two-piece toilets for commercial purposes.

Price Changes

Price changes are not a common phenomenon with the Toto Drake Bowl and Tank. The common reasons for price changes are usually festive periods and events. In some cases, the marketing platform offers discounts to customers to increase their sales.

 Asides these criteria mentioned, there is little to no price changes in the Toto Drake Bowl and Tank.


To sum it up, the Toto Drake Elongated Bowl is an awesome two-piece toilet for commercial purposes. Assembly of the two pieces would not pose any problems.

Once you assemble the two pieces and put all the fittings in place, you can use the product as soon as possible. It is cheap and easy to use and offers you your money’s worth. So this toilet is highly recommended.