Top 5 Ways Buy Used Toilet Save A Ton Of Money

Top 5 Ways Buy Used Toilet Save A Ton Of Money Toiletszones

Toilet is essential sanitary ware in daily life of every family. Therefore, the choice of buying quality, hygienic toilet, limit virus or bacteria to ensure the health of family members, especially the immune system non-weak children and family is always a very important issue.

Can you believe it? A used toilet is just as good as a brand new toilet as long as that toilet is in good working condition. Why do we have to discuss about it? Because in some emergencies, replacing another toilet will be unworkable and impossible for some of us. Despite common beliefs, purchasing a used one may become a good idea, as long as you know where is the best shop to buy it you can easy catch a great deal on a perfectly operable used toilet.

The following article will help you to find top 5 ways to buy a used toilet to sava a ton of money. Let’s take a closer look!

Of course in many situation we still have chances to buy an old toilet but still work well. Not only toilets but all items of sanitary ware are liquidated, when you are buying it, you should ensure the following factors:

Quality: With the liquidation of the toilet, when you buy one, you will not know how is the quality of the product. In many cases, after the purchase and installation, some damage occurred leading to broken. In this case, you will have to replace the new one and fix your own bathroom also. So quality is the top factor that buyers pay attention to.

Health: The purchase of used toilet will greatly affect the health of the following users. When the bacteria of the first user accumulates in the toilet, then the next buyer does not use the method of thorough disinfection before their use. This will directly affect the health of the user by residual bacteria, especially children with poor resistance.

Warranty: A used toilet will not have genuine warranty.

Many people also buy an old toilets because of the nostalgia of the old toilets in the past that have now become very rare and sometimes sold at very high prices (because of its great spiritual value). So old toilets are not just cheap and dirty in some situation… Here are some benefits of buying an old toilet from a well-known brand:

– Good price

– Variety of models

– Easy to find and choose the best for yourself in many shops.

You can buy used toilets depending on the needs of each person as long as its reasonable price. When buying an old toilet, you should clean it thoroughly before the installation. You can disinfect with chlorides for thoroughly sterilize. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will choose a clean toilet (at least it have to look like a clean one) because after the dissolution, some old company that have cared so much about the hygien so their old toilets after the liquidation are mostly look new and clean. So what are you waiting for? Come and grab the best one for your own! Following this list, we will get you a good deal:

Top 5 Ways Buy Used Toilet Save A Ton Of Money Toiletszones


This is a good way to find the best used toilet quickly. There are some websites like Craigslist and Backpage – the good sources to find local advertisements of people who are look forward to unloading their belongings. Furthermore, this is the place you will find the best used toilets because many of them are being sold by handymen, small business, property owners and individual sellers who are offering significant discounts on their unwanted goods. Their are in many cases less motivated by money and more motivated by getting rid of clutter, so this is very easy to negotiate a even better deal. The disadvantages of purchasing your used toilet by way of classified ads is that most sellers expect you to be able to haul away your purchase on your own, as many of them do not offer delivery. The other downside is that you will have to meet strangers at their home, which can be intimidating and in some cases dangerous. That is the reason why it is advisable to take someone with you or meet up during the daytime and try to remain out in the open space while making your transaction, if it is possible.


Visit salvage yards in your geographic area. You will see striking differences. One yard may be strictly an automotive and appliance graveyard. Another may accept nothing but scrap metal that’s already been broken down. A third may specialize in the architectural waste and recyclables crafters seek. But nowadays, salvage yards are not only known for recyclables and cars, they have just about anything you would discard that would have some type of value, which includes toilets.

The downside of purchasing a toilet at the junk yard is that you will not have any way to test it prior to purchasing, but most salvage yards offer some type of warranty so that you can exchange your toilet if you later find out the toilet does not work properly. The best thing about salvage yards is that you will find the steepest discount possible on your toilet, so even if you find one that requires you to purchase parts in order to make it work, you will still spend significantly less than any other option available on the market. No matter what, we believe that you will not make a wrong decision of buying your used toilet at the recycle yard.


People frequently visit the thrift stores for their significant discounts on clothing, appliances, furniture, gifts and even childrens’ toys. But if you pay enough attention, there are some thrift stores and second hand shops that have everything on earth from refrigerators, carpet, sinks, counters and used toilets. When buying a used toilet from these stores, it may require a bit of bargain skill, meaning that you may have to visit a few stores to find the best deal. Do not be discouraged, as each thrift store is completely different and hundreds of items are added to their inventory daily. But because of the reasonable prices associated with buying from resell stores, it is important that you are ready to make your purchase when you find what you are looking for. What is there today will sell quickly and be gone tomorrow. So if you see a used toilet that looks like new, this is the best time to scoop up your deal immediately, otherwise, you will lose a chance to grab a best one for yourself.

One particular second hand shop is run in association with Habitat for Humanity, in which fixtures are donated by home improvement companies and restoration contractors who upgrade and remodel homes. They donate the good materials and fixtures from the houses. Habitat for Humanity checks the quality of the fixtures and materials, then sell the items that meet quality standards. Purchasing from them is very beneficial since they test the used toilets prior to putting them on display. This way, you will know exactly what type of condition it is in and you will have access to experts who can advise you on tips and techniques to select and install the perfect toilet for your bathroom.


You already know all the best ways to buy an old toilet. Remember to research the basic parts as well as the operating mechanism to make sure you do not miss any parts when buying. Because the toilet may not have many components but some are very important, so knowing which parts is missing can definitely work in your favor. From now on, you can use it in your DIY project (Do It Yourself). It is not just help you to saving your money but it also turning you into a professional plumber in your own house. We hope that we are successful to help you widen your knowledge about your own toilet. Last but not least, keep in mind the important things we have mentioned above to make your toilet is the best one. If you have anything to ask or to add, feel free to comment in the section below and we will answer you one by one!

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