Is the toilet seat the dirtiest thing in our home?

If you are an obsessive of order and cleanliness, surely the bathroom of your house is the place that worries you most. If you clean it thoroughly every day and when visiting friends you can’t stop thinking about how many new bacteria are bringing to your cleaning sanctuary, well, maybe you have a problem.

All right, it’s true, bathrooms and especially toilets are often deposits of large numbers of germs, viruses and bacteria. But not so fast, if we are so worried about these terrifying beings carrying all kinds of disease, there are other objects that we should clean with equal dedication …

7 objects that are dirtier than your toilet

#7 Your computer keyboard
Keyboards can have up to 5 times more bacteria than your toilet seat.

#6 Your cell phone
Even if you don’t want to believe it, your beloved and indispensable smartphone has 500 times more bacteria than the toilet in your home.

#5 The kitchen sponges
If left on the kitchen counter, the sponges will collect 200,000 times more bacteria than the toilet seat.

#4 The remote control
You and everyone in your house use the same remote control, don’t you? Do you wash your hands every time you do?  You should, because your remote control is one of the dirtiest and most infected items in your home.

#3 The refrigerator
According to a study by the University of Arizona, more than 40% of refrigerators are positive for E-coli bacteria.

#2 The floor mat
It’s one of the dirtiest places in the house. It has 4,000 times more bacteria than the toilet, which feed, survive and reproduce thanks to epithelial cells that naturally fall off all the time.

#1 Kitchen sink
Only the sink drain has more bacteria than your entire toilet seat. If you add to that the bacteria from the sponge, the taps and the counter around it, you have the biggest deposit of dirt and germs in your whole house in the kitchen.

Did you think the bathroom was dangerous? Imagine how many bacteria you come into contact with if you sit with your computer and your cell phone, or if you sit on your carpet and watch TV in your living room.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? There are only two possibilities, or you forget about bacteria and learn to live with them, taking the minimum and necessary care. Or you become obsessive about hygiene and move to the bathroom, which for now is the safest place in your house because you have cleaned it so much.

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