Toilet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

How many times have you gone into the bathroom and wondered when the last time it was you cleaned it? The water marks on the mirror mock you. The soap scum is screaming at you from behind the shower curtain. But worst of all, the terrible odor coming from the toilet is enough to make you want to run away screaming and never return. No one wants to clean the toilet or even wants to talk about cleaning the toilet because is not very enjoyable, but we find ourselves using the potty throughout the day, it is important to keep it as clean as possible because it also involves your health and your family! If you find that the cleaners you have been using are not cutting it, try out some of these following brilliant toilet cleaning tips and tricks!

I know some of them sound a bit strange, but you will be amazed at how great they work at getting your toilet nice and clean! It is worth a try if everything else has failed miserably to get your toilet clean, right? Let’s take a closer look!

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Cleaning Glass shower

This is a convenient item to any bathroom but can quickly cloud up with soap scum. If you are planning some heavy-duty cleaning, you should try:


– Vegetable oil: Simply pour a little vegetable oil onto a sponge or paper towel and scrub the doors, adding more oil as you need it.

– Furniture polish: Use a cloth to rub polish directly on doors, then wipe it off with a clean cloth. The polish will not only clean but will protect against the future build-up of soap scum.

– Shaving cream: Squirt on the foam and wipe clean with a dry rag; the foam will leave a film that keeps the door from fogging and makes it harder for scum to stick.

– White vinegar: Keep a spray bottle filled with vinegar and a sponge by (or in) the shower so you can make washing down the surfaces part of your post-shower routine.

– Baking soda-plus: Make a solution of 1/4 cup dishwashing-up liquid, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1/4 cup baking soda. Then scrub it on the doors with a sponge.

Cleaning Showerheads

If you live in an area with very hard water, you’ll have noticed how mineral deposits can block your showerheads. Don’t need to get a new one – use denture tablets or vinegar to unclog it. If you can remove the showerhead, dissolve 4-5 denture tablets in a bowl of water and put the head in to soak. Or let it soak overnight in white vinegar. (For extra cleaning action, heat the vinegar in the microwave first.)


In case of the showerhead isn’t removable, pour the denture tablet arrangement or vinegar into a plastic sack, tape or attach the pack to the apparatus so the showerhead is totally submerged and leave the sack set up for 1-2 hours. To ensure the showerhead is totally unblocked, get out the openings with a needle, bit of wire or toothpick. At that point wipe the head with a fabric dunked in vinegar.

Toilet Cleaning and Clogged Preventing

– Coca-Cola: It may sound like a drinking party, but plenty of folks swear that Coke will break down toilet rust rings. All you have to do is pour a full can around the rim so that it fully coats the bowl, then let it sit for at least an hour to allow the acids in the soda to break down the stains. Scrub with a toilet brush, then flush. If this isn’t effective, it may be time for another solution. Aren’t we better off drinking less Coca-Cola anyway?

– Antacid Tablets: Drop 2 antacid tablets or 1 denture tablet containing baking soda into the bowl, let them dissolve for about 20 minutes and then scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. A vitamin C tablet will help you do the trick as well.

– Mouthwash: Grab a bottle of mouthwash from the medicine cabinet and pour ¼ cup into the bowl. After about half an hour, scrub the bowl with a toilet brush and flush the toilet.

Toilet Cleaning and Clogged Preventing

– Pumice Stone: This is another unexpected but very useful way to get rid of that persistent ring inside the bowl. Always start by soaking the pumice into the warm water – the stone and the toilet surface should always be wet to avoid scratches. Gently scrub the stain until it is gone and then flush the toilet to rinse.

– Hydrogen Peroxide: A safe and effective germ fighter. To disinfect your toilet, pour ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide into the bowl, let stand for 30 minutes, and then flush to rinse.

– Boiling Water: Fill a medium saucepan with water and bring it to a boil. Carefully pour the boiling water directly into the toilet bowl to dissolve the clog. This tip is using to fix a clogged toilet without chemicals.

– Nail Polish: Keep your toilet seat hardware rust-free by coating the bolts and screws with clear nail polish. This will also avoid the seat from shifting around, since the screws will be less likely to loosen.

– White vinegar: – This might become your toilets’ best friend. This all-natural cleaning solution kills germs, bacteria, mold and makes scum vanish for a sparkling clean. Furthermore, you can use it all over.

Pour vinegar in the top of your toilet and let that sit while you spray vinegar around the seat and clean. Soak a paper towel with vinegar and stuff that under the rim of your toilet. Let that sit while you scrub your bowl with vinegar and your toilet brush. Remove the toilet paper, scrub under the rim with a cleaning toothbrush and then flush for an all-over clean.

Get Rid of Urine Smell: 

If your family have a boy that doesn’t aim well when going to the bathroom, you might want to try this tip! Mix fresh lemon juice together with baking soda until it forms a thick paste. Then apply this around the base of your toilet, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Once the time is up, spray white vinegar onto the paste, it will begin to fizz. When it has stopped fizzing take a damp rag and wipe up all of the paste and vinegar.

Shower Curtains

The bathroom is a moist environment just made for mildew, so don’t be surprised when it appears on your shower curtain. You can keep it at bay for a while, at least, by soaking curtains and liners in salt water before hanging them. Once they’re up and in case of the mildew appears, you should follow these steps:


– Add ½ cup borax and ½ cup vinegar to 2 cups water, pour into the affected areas and let sit for 8-10 minutes. Then scrub with a sponge or cloth.

– Mix 2 tablespoons washing-up liquid with 1 pint household bleach and spray the solution on the curtain.

– Make a paste of vinegar and salt, and spread it onto the mildewed area. Let it dry for 1-2 hours and then clean it off with a damp cloth.

Tackling Rust Rings

If your toilet has a rust ring, I have a remarkable technique for you to attempt! The method is to take a jar of Coca-Cola and empty the whole can into the latrine and let it sit for 60 minutes. This will enable the corrosive to separate the rust. At that point clean with a latrine brush and flush!

Ceiling cleaning

You’re most likely so bustling cleaning the installations and tiles in your washroom that you don’t consider the roof. Turn upward, however set yourself up what you may see – mildew, spots, built-up grime. To clean it effortlessly, fill a wipe basin with a balance of water and white vinegar. At that point put on goggles or other defensive eyewear. Plunge a since quite a while ago took care of wipe into the arrangement, squeeze it out and reach up to clean one section of the ceiling at a time. You can read bathroom cleaning guide to learn more of what you need to clean everything.


Air Freshener on Toilet Paper Roll

If you have any essential oils at home, take your favorite scent or mix multiples together.  Drop a couple of drops of fundamental oils onto the cardboard piece of the bathroom tissue roll. When you go to pull tissue off, it will turn, and discharge a decent aroma noticeable all around! An awesome method to keep things decent and new in the restroom!

Water Saving Feature

If your toilet is an older model, you can implement this water saving feature so you use less water! Basically fill a vacant 1 liter jug (like a Pepsi or Coke bottle) with two creeps of sand, at that point fill whatever remains of the path with water. Ensure the cover is pleasant and secure and put it in the can tank. This will enable you to decrease how much water is utilized with each flush. I keep it off to the side so it doesn’t hinder the latrine gears.


We just want to let you know that you don’t need be weirded out by the strange ingredients. These cleaning tips will really work! Give them a try and discover how you don’t have to use harsh, expensive chemicals to keep your toilet clean.

We have mentioned all the tips to help you keep your always in a good looking condition. From now on, you can use it in your DIY project (Do It Yourself). It is not just help you to saving your money but it also turning you to a professional plumber in your own house. We hope that we are successful to make you widen your knowledge about your toilet. Last but not least, keep in mind the important things we have mentioned above to make your toilet is the best one. If you have anything to ask or to add, feel free to comment in the section below and we will answer you one by one!

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