Should you leave toilet seat up or down?

Humanity has started wars for really absurd causes, such as against emus, for a bucket or for a pig, but for the moment we can rejoice that we do not have to kill ourselves for the position of the toilet seat, despite the catastrophic consequences of not placing it in the position preferred by others or for the physical incapacities produced by placing it in a position to which we are not accustomed

Raised or lowered? The great dilemma that science has not been able to answer for centuries. I will not enter into a debate on whether it is because research is preferred on more profitable subjects, such as reusable suppositories with a strawberry flavour. The fact is that when at least two members of different sexes live together in the same house, this is a critical issue for the future of the relationship.


Professor Jay Pil Choy of Michigan State University bravely tackled the situation to try to resolve it. His analysis was based on three basic positions: leave the lid up, leave it down or, on the contrary, leave it in the position that would have used it.


In the first case, those who lower the lid would never see inconvenience, unlike the rest who should lift it. In the second case, the opposite situation would occur. On the other hand, if everyone leaves it as they wish, everyone would get upset when the last one to use the toilet was someone with different preferences.


Since both of you visit the bathroom as often, letting each of you leave it as you like is the most efficient. In this situation, according to calculations, those who prefer to leave the lid down should be three times more uncomfortable to justify their predilection. Even if more rules are added, such as leaving the lid as it was before use or having everyone leave it in the position that bothers you, the results are the same.

However, there are variables that can alter the recommendation. If at night the bathroom light does not turn on, or you do not go very smart, it is advisable to leave the lid down to avoid sitting and notice a cold caress on the rear. But if someone has nocturia, more frequent in men due to benign prostatic hyperplasia, it would be advisable to be up. There could be other subjective variables, such as aesthetics, that would choose to leave the lid down, or avoid, in some cases, the spread of undesirable odors.

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