How to unclog a toilet with poop stuck in it without a plunger?


The toilet is one of the most confusing places in the house. Not only many bacteria, smelly, but in fact, just too much toilet paper can cause congestion. In particular, the family rent or toilet is too old, more or less also blocked the toilet once.

How to handle in cases like this? The first and most important thing to remember is to flush once. If you notice that the toilet is still clogged, do not try again. In fact, if the water has not been pulled down, additional pressure will only cause the toilet to clog or the water overflows to the bathroom floor. Here are some ways to deal with your toilet when it is clogged without a plunger.

1. Use hot water

A first attempt is to use hot water. Get a bucket and fill it with boiling water, pour the contents into the toilet and wait an hour to see if it solved the issue.

2. Use ice cubes

In the men’s WC at bars, clubs, people often poured a lot of ice cubes into the toilet to avoid clogging, stasis and reduce odors because the stone will immediately cool the ammonia in the urine, dilute the urine solution and flash it off quickly, and slowly withdraw it down the drain.


Using ice cubes to unclog a toilet

At home, you can prepare 1 kg of ice cubes and pour into the toilet that is clogged and flushed. In the process of being swept away by the water, the ice capsule will create the force that pushes the stagnant part down.

3. Use plastic food wrap 

You wonder what plastic food wrap can help? If so, then you will be surprised with its use. Only with this wrapper, the toilet will be unclogged in a blink of an eye. Try it now if you do not believe it.

Step 1: Use food wrap around the mouth of the toilet. You need to wrap it so that the film is attached to the toilet. Wrap 2 to 3 layers so that they stick firmly into the toilet.

Step 2: Shrink the toilet, the pressure of the water will cause the film to expand. Then gently press down on the membrane. That way you will push the water pressure down harder and swept away things that are jammed inside.

Step 3: Remove the food wrap from the toilet and see the results. The toilet has become as clean as never before.

Note: This switch only works if the toilet is clogged slightly. If the sink is more severe, you will need the assistance of a toilet switch or find a professional.

4. Use carbonated soft drinks

Carbonic acid and phosphoric acid in carbonated soft drinks are two components that cleanse the plaque and destroys soft objects without damaging the enamel.


Coca is one of the best way to unclog toilet

Pour carbonated soft drinks in the toilet and leave for about 1 hour, then use a clean brush and tug on the toilet to clear the toilet.

5. Use dishwashing liquid

If you do not have baking soda or vinegar available, you can use a dishwasher. Put a few drops of soap in the toilet bowl. Next, pour a half bucket of hot water slowly into the toilet.

Let the hot and soapy water stand in the toilet for a few minutes to mop layers of toilet paper or soft cloth inside. If the toilet is clogged, you need to repeat it a few more times.

During the toilet flush, be sure to wear gloves to prevent dirt, bacteria and side effects from being hand-washed by some chemical. Also, do not be afraid to stick to some of the hard tools in the toilet like plastic, stainless steel. The toilet is easy to float out so be sure to cover a layer of newspaper or tissue paper around the foot of the toilet. Opening or turning on the ventilator also helps to reduce odors and toxic gases that affect health.

Hopefully, what we mentioned in this article can be useful to help you unclog a toilet with poop in it without a plunger.

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