How To Select The Right Toilet For A Small Bathroom Remodel?

How To Select The Right Toilet For A Small Bathroom Remodel

Nowadays, there are a lot of way to call the greatness of invention to human were invented by an English plumber called Thomas Crapper (c.1836–1910) that we can not live without it – “The Toilet”. We have so many names for something we care to talk about except the word “toilet” such as loo, Wc, lavatory, water closet, etc. There must be a number that I have to show you, about nearly hafl of the world’s people (some 2.6 billion of us) are in an unhappy condition, they are lacking even basic sanitation. Otherwise, in Japan, they have a modern electronic toilets that do everything from opening and closing the lid automatically to playing music while you use them…

So whatever you call it, the toilet is one of the most important things in your house. While the color and cost matter, how much water it takes and how well it flushes matter more. A good one might maintain water and generates enough power to clean the bowl in a single flush. This article below will show you the way to choose the right and high-performance toilet for a small bathroom remodel that will fit your budget and backside.

Deciding on what toilet to use in a bathroom remodel might seem simply, until you are going to do it. There are an amount of styles and types that it can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be. When you are looking for a bathroom remodel, there are something that you should consider about, however.

Firstly, it is the bowl. They have only two shapes, so this helps narrow it down a lot. An elongated bowl offers an extended rim and the round ones are not a whole lot shorter than that. As a plumber, the question you get asked a lot is “Which one is best for my bathroom?” and the answer is it depends on the size of the bathroom. If you do not have much space, a round bowl is a good ideal. If you are going to choose a luxury and comfort, go with the elongated bowl. Toilets also come in a number of different sizes, apart from bowl size, so you need to go ahead and measure the area where you want it. Bear in mind that though it will depend on how large or small the full system is, toilets need to be bolted 10, 12, or even up to 14 inches away from your walls.

Secondly, thing that you might want to think about is the number of pieces the toilet has. They come in one-piece or two-piece. The one piece toilets usually are much easier to clean because they do not have the cracks and spaces between the bowl and tank. Both are fused together and this helps to create a sleeker look, as well.

The next thing that you should consider is the flush. There are pressure assisted flushes and gravity fed flushes. The difference is the noise and waste removal. Both styles use only around 1.6 gallons. A gravity fed flush is less noisy than a pressure assisted but might not be as powerful. If you choose one of the higher quality toilets out there, this will not matter a whole lot. Toilets that offer higher quality glazes on their trapways tend to remove waste efficiently regardless of flush style.

Last but not least, believe it or not another area many people never think about when choosing toilets is the color, color can sometimes be the right choice so the toilet does not stand out. When using a dark wall material such as earthy stone tiles, a gray or beige toilet will be somewhat camouflaged. They come in all different colors and you do not have to go with just the plain white. The best way to decide what color you want is to look at the other colors in your bathroom. White and off white will usually go with any color scheme. Style is also a consideration that we see a lot of, it is just depends on your preferences.

Toilet for a small bathrooms need to be sized and designed to have adequate space but it is still adequate ventilation and airy.

Small bathroom space is quite popular in the household, so how to decorate the toilet facilities such as toilets, bath tub which full of amenities but still reasonable for the bathroom have limited space. A toilet which occupies a lot of this area is much interested to own a luxurious bathroom  neatly sanitized. Here are some helpful notes that will help you decide which is the most suitable toilet for you to buy:

Choose the type of toilet bowl that will help you to save maximum space.

Wall-mounted toilet will save maximum space for your family and still look good compared to the one-piece or two-piece toilet popular in the market nowadays. Thanks to the built-in recessed toilet tank, the wall-mounted toilet is much more compact and allow the bathroom to immediately become more luxurious and compact. In addition, the toilet seat is also more hygienic design to makes it easy to clean the floor, keeping the bathroom always dry and fragrant.

Placement Rarely is it practical to move a toilet if you are not designing your bathroom from scratch (during a new build). If it is possible, keep in mind that a toilet should be a minimum of 15 inches from nearby objects (namely showers, walls and vanities), measured from the centerline of the toilet. For more comfort, 18 or more inches is recommended.

If you can not relocate, try to avoid adding obstacles such as towel bars and consider using a small vanity. Also, an elongated toilet seat (longer and narrower than a standard rounded seat) may help you you a little extra leg room.

Other options.

If you want to freshen up your bathroom a little and don’t necessarily want to change the toilet, you might prefer to replace the toilet seat only. Simply updating the seat (and the toilet roll holder, ideally) can work wonders!

To conclusion, it is very important to choose the most suitable toilet for you small bathroom remodel. We hope that we are successful to make you widen your knowledge about your toilet. Last but not least, keep in mind the important things we have mentioned above to make your toilet is the best one. If you have anything to ask or to add, feel free to comment in the section below and we will answer you one by one!

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