How to replace flush valve seal on american standard toilet?

how to replace flush valve seal on american standard toilet

If you are looking for a solution to the leaking of water inside the toilet tank down the drain, you should see this method of removing and replacing a new “flush valve seal”. In the article, we would like to guide you with 5 basic steps of how to how to replace flush valve seal on american standard toilet.

Step 1

To find a new flush valve seal, you can find in at hardware stores and home centers.

Thanks to new instruction of how to replace flush valve seal on american standard toilet, it will be unnecessary to replace it following original instructions of seal products.

Step 2

  • Take out the top of the toilet tank.
  • Before you start, you should roll up your sleeves. In order to decrease to the tank water level, flush the toilet.
  • Soon you will see the old valve. It is right at the bottom of the spillway pipe Overflow Tube and together with Float.
  • You can pull out the worn valve seal to remove it. It is similar to an old rubber band, pull it with your fingertips until it breaks.

Step 3

  • Then move the new seal and fix it through the square trip lever holder and make it lassoed with the free end of the trip lever while attaching the opposite end of the lever to the flush lever outside of the tank.
  • Be sure the trip lever is through center hole of the new seal, then pull the new seal in the reverse direction back through the square trip lever holder. To allow more space to ease the new seal, turn the trip lever holder back through.

Step 4

  • If the new seal is between where the trip lever is connected to tank and where trip lever protrudes through square trip lever holder, for a moment, pull out the water refill tube from the center of the stop cap. Since water may still be coming through it after flushing, point the free end of it down
  • Take the new seal just over the stop cap and replace the water refill tube, be aware of not splashing any water coming out of it.

Step 5

  • Now stretch and pull the new seal down vertically in a gentle way. It is similar to the overflow tube and float near the bottom. Its position should be top groove of the flush valve.
  • When all is ready, you can grasp the edge of the new seal and turn it in place in the groove, around the base of the flush valve. To any problem with the seal, flush toilet tank, watch and listen to it.

It is recommended to get Flush Valve Seals replaced, at least yearly. This also depends on water condition. With the above instruction, you now can do it by yourself instead of calling a plumber to save time and money.

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