How to manually flush a toilet?

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Nowadays, there may be a short time when the water supply is planned to be cut off in your neighborhood. In addition, you don’t need to admit that but I bet all of us have been in a “situation” at some point that relevant to a clogged toilet, and I’m totally sure that there will be a lot of embarrassment.

Especially if it was somebody else’s toilet! So now I am here to recommend to you at least a little peace of mind in this area. Now I’m going to tell you a helpful hint to getting yourself out off a “messy” situation until the plumber arrives or during the interruption in service

First of all, if the toilet is not flushing as it should so you can flush your toilet manually with a bucket and a gallon of water in handy. There are four main steps that we might need to fix the water problem:

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  • Lift up the toilet seat and leave them back against the front of the toilet’s tank. So you will have a larger space in which to pour the water.
  • Grab a bucket and fill a full bucket of water (~1 gallon) from a water jug or the bathtub. In case of the running water is off at your home:
  •  Ask a neighbor if they can fill the water container (if they have running water).
  •  Is there a back yard swimming pool?
  •  Nearby water source such as a pond, creek, stream, lake…
  •  Get into your car and drive to any water source nearby.
  • Dump a full bucket of water (considered as a full toilet’s tank of water) into the bowl in one thrust. Pouring the water in slowly will just fill the bowl and make the situation worse. The target is to provide as much force as an ordinary flush.
  • Keep dumping in another gallon of water if it is necessary to clean the bowl from any residue. And if you wanted to bring the water level back after you flushed it all, you would need to pour the water in slowly and it would feel that the toilet back up to the original spot.
  • Mop up any water that has splashed onto the toilet’s rim or floor with a paper towel.
  • Tips: If the water service is cut off, you will have one normal flush left if the water still in the toilet’s tank.

Now you know the secret to dealing with the problem of a toilet like a pro! Hopefully this valuable nugget of information will save us all from any embarrassing moment in the future

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