How To Install A Toilet In A Basement With A Rough-In Pipe?

To install a toilet in a basement with a rough in the pipe, you need to know the rules, the methods, and the materials for installation. The necessary knowledge will be provided in this article.

1. The basic concepts:

The water system in houses consists of four basic elements:

Water supply and distribution system:

  • This system is a collection of pipelines transporting water from water to water-based equipment and from water heaters to hot water appliances.
  • Water supply can be the city’s tap water, ponds, lakes, wells …

Sewerage system:

  • Include drainage pipes and sewers that collect wastewater from facilities, water areas to water treatment sites: city sewer systems, reservoirs, reservoirs.

Ventilation system:

  • Including end-of-pipe tubes in the air, which is higher than the roof, is connected to the drainage system to supply air to the drainage system.

Equipment and machinery used water:

  • Equipment such as washing machine, bathtub, toilet (toilet), washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, shower …
  • All equipment must be ventilated and equipped with watertight traps in the discharge pipeline and ensure that odor gas from the sewage system is prevented.

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The basic concepts

2. Location and installation of the home water system:

Water systems have rules and principles to be followed to ensure good functionality and effective use while ensuring the safety of users. So, to design, install or repair water systems for homes, buildings … need people who know the work, are licensed to operate.

Parts of the domestic water system:

  • The main culvert of a house, building: The horizontal hose at the lowest position (usually below the ground floor) receives all wastewater from the building’s drainage pipes and delivers it to the city sewer system. Φ> 102mm
  • Door: is a pipe device, which can be used for inspection and cleaning of pipes, with airtight closures. Φ> 102mm
  • Drainage: All the pipes that collect the wastewater, the sanitary water of the building.
  • Sanitation facilities: Water use equipment and discharge of sewage into the drainage system.
  • Horizontal hose: Horizontal hose is not inclined over 45o. Φ> 38mm
  • Vertical drain pipe: main pipe in a vertical direction. Φ> 78mm
  • Water trap (Odor Stopper): A device used to prevent the odor from draining away from the wastewater system while still ensuring good drainage.
  • Ventilation: pipes connected to the drainage system ensure the incoming and outgoing air of the drainage system. Φ> 38mm


Location and installation of the home water system

3. Ways to install a sewage system:

  • Do not install “T” in the sewage system except for the exhaust pipe. Do not use the word “X” in the sewage system. Do not use complex joints, restrict the connections to horizontal pipes in the sewage system.
  • All sanitary sewer pipes (from toilets) and rainwater drainage pipes must be arranged to allow access to the whole system.
  • The access doors shall be located at the upstream side of the water trap and disposed directly at the water trap of the horizontal drainage hatches, the litter tube.
  • Where there is a change of direction greater than 45 ° of the toilet drain pipes need to arrange a visit.
  • With the main drainage pipe in the vertical need to arrange the door at the bottom of the pipe.
  • Doorways should be accessible when needed.
  • Horizontal hoses less than 78mm in diameter should have a slope in the direction of flow of 1/50.
  • Each sanitation facility requires separate water trap. Water traps must be vented.
  • Pits, tanks, septic tanks must be airtight, watertight and ventilated. The vent can be one size smaller than the largest discharge pipe.

The above is a summary of the guidelines for the installation of toilet drainage pipes in the basement. You should refer to the diagram of the drainage system to visualize more clearly.

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