How to flush a toilet when the handle is broken?


Sometimes, because of some reasons, your toilet handle is broken then it is not necessary to worry about. You can use various simple tips for temporary use. This article is going to give useful information about how to flush a toilet when the handle is broken.

Often due to a long day or wires are trapped that you jerked quickly leading to the phenomenon of broken handle. To use it you have to open the water tank lid. Put your hand up to pick up the rope and pull the float is raised. However, it was so inconvenient. We will show you some simple ways to fix it as soon as possible.

The key to repair a temporary toilet when the handle is broken is to lift a point that pulls the float.

You can apply the following ways:

1. Cushion to remove the outside of the hole to pull the wire

We will chisel out the knob. Use any piece of string and then joint it with string that connects to the float inside the toilet tank. Then get it out of the tank through that hole of the handle. Use an object that is longer than the diameter of the hole and tie at the outer end of the string.

You should note that this object should not be heavy since heavy object will cause the traction to be generated with buoy blocking causing water leakage in the toilet.

2. Drill holes inside the lever and extend the wire

In this way, you will need a small drill or you can use small heated iron nails as an alternative choice. We will guide you on using iron nails as the simplest solution.

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How to flush a toilet when the handle is broken

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First, you lock the water. Throw out all the water in the toilet bowl. Wipe the left hand with a dry towel. Find a large point to create a hole. Remember to ensure it dry so that it can be easier to do with heat.

Heat the nail (clamp nails in the pliers and put on a gas stove) until it is hot. Then quickly drill a hole through the body of the toilet to swipe the rest of the water tank.

After that, you can use a piece of steel to pierce the hole in order to make a convenient tie position.

Then, find a suitable piece of string. Connect the latch to the hole. That string does not need tension. It may be slightly sloppy. If is stressed, it can also cause water leakage.

So you are comfortable to flush the toilet temporarily. With these two solutions which are mentioned above, it is hoped that you can do it at home without having repairer fix it or having to spend money buying a new equipment.

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