How to fix an overflowing toilet without a plunger?


In the process of using the toilet, many times we see the phenomenon of toilet water leak out without knowing the reason. The questions are how to handle this phenomenon And how to fix an overflowing toilet without a plunger.

This is also one of the problems that many people need advices, so how can easily and quickly handle an overflowing toilet without a plunger. This article will lead you the ways of how to fix an overflowing toilet without a plunger

Causes of an overflowing toilet


How to fix an overflowing toilet without a plunger

Before we go into the specific guide on the way to fix an overflowing toilet without a plunger, let’s find out why this leads to the condition.

The phenomenon of leaking toilets is mainly due to the location of toilets, septic tanks are not closed to make water out of the holes. Therefore, to overcome the problem of leaking toilets, we need to check all the connection points to find out the location and cause.

How to repair a toilet tank leaking water

The water tank is the upper part of the toilet, when the toilet is leaking in this section, the main cause is that the nuts are loose due to the impact during use. To handle this problem, you just need to tighten the nuts to be able to overcome the leak. You also need to check the rubber gaskets between the joints between the tank and the broken toilet, dry hard does not have the effect of elasticity resulting in the formation of small openings will also cause. You just need to replace the rubber gaskets and tighten the nuts, the leakage of toilet water in the water tank will be corrected immediately.

How to fix a toilet leaking water in the handle

The handle area is also one of the most frequently encountered water leaks, mainly due to the fact that the float was too high to set. This causes the water to get into the tank too much, or the pipe is too long … causing the water in the toilet to leak through the handle.


To handle the toilet water leakage in the handle, you can bend the float down and dispose of all the water available in the tank of the toilet, the next task you just wait to see when the water is recharged into the tank is full or not, if not full, then you float the water lock up higher, adjust to the appropriate level so that water can be loaded into the tank.

How to fix the toilet water leakage at the exhaust valve


How to fix the toilet water leakage at the exhaust valve

To handle the leakage in this position, first you need to lock the water valve at the source, then you should proceed to clean the tank of the toilet to help remove the entire settling sludge, sand … clean the drain valve with white vinegar and brush. Only with the same operation, you can completely repair the toilet leaking in a simple way quickly.

The above are all the methods of how to fix an overflowing toilet without a plunger in all different locations that can be grind out. To be able to fix the toilet the fastest, you need to determine what is the cause of the leak, from which you have the appropriate repair measures to shorten the implementation time, and bring the effect like you want.

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