How To Fix A Running Toilet Without A Ball Float?


There are some common issue that can cause the water to keep leaking without stop. It can due to various reasons, some more simple like the toilet tank stopping from self-pumping water or more complex where is best to call a professional. Here are the most common reasons and how to fix a running toilet without a ball float.

1. Check the water level

If the drain valve does not cause the toilet to leak, the next common reason is the water level. Too high water levels will overflow through the spillway.

When the tank is full and the water is flowing, look at the spillway. The spillway is located in the middle of the tank connecting the water tank to the toilet.

Check if the water flows continuously into the spillway. In case the water level is too high, adjust it by lowering the float.


Due to local dehydration:

This fault may be caused by the supply of water that is draining – running out of water on your home’s clean water tank. It may also be due to a clogged pipe leading to the toilet. Or the toilet in the bathroom supply line is flat, twisted.

2. Determine which float type you are using

Water enters the tank through the water supply valve. The float is connected to the water supply pipe to adjust the water level low or high. The height of the buoy shows the tank full and the water supply valve is closed. So you can make low the water level by adjusting the height of the balloon. There are two main types of ball float:

Round float, the toilet drain will have a horizontal bar with one end connected to the water supply valve, the other end connected to the ball float.

Balloon float, as the name implies, has a small cylinder that surrounds the water supply valve.

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Due to the buoy jamming:

This phenomenon is due to long-term using the toilet in the bathroom. Water moves the buoy. Currently there are two types of ball floats: water ball float and square float straight head with water lock.

According to the perennial toilet, the phenomenon of ball floats is caused by buoys into the toilet tank without the water. Or other internal components such as water wires, windshield wipers…

The round floats with long arms, stuck often due to being too close to the toilet body. Or have other components such as water pipes, water discharge shaft, exhaust pipe … Or the coupling between the float with the lock – broken.

The square floats, mainly due to broken couplings that can not be dropped. In case of ball floats caught in the axis of movement on the water.

How-To-Fix-A-Running-Toilet-Without-A-Ball-Float 1

Ball float and water levels

3. Due to broken buckle

The gardener toilet must now remove the entire valve assembly and the buoy. Clean and re-install if you can’t use it. It’s just a dirty hotel, replace toilet seat lock. But if you can’t do that, you should replace the valve lock or replace the bucket valve buoy.

Installation of new valves and connection to water:

Install the new feed valve in its position in the water tank. The valve should fit snugly against the hole in the tank where water will flow. Tighten the nut clockwise to tighten it.When the nut is tightened by hand, use a quarter-turn nut to tighten the nut.

Attach the water supply pipe:

Connect the water supply pipe to the fountain at the feeder end. Adjust the position of the pipe so that the water flows into the spillway. If there is a clamp on the spillway, clamp the water inlet to keep it in place. Adjust the float.

Check valve level:

Turn on the water to fill the tank. Check the water level, make sure the water pipes are not submerged and listen to the sound of water flowing to see if everything is stable. Adjust the height of the float if necessary. Pull the toilet flush several times and wait for the water to fill the tank to check everything again.

When you have successfully repaired the toilet and the water is no longer leaking, carefully cover the porcelain lid of the water tank.

With the error of not self-supplying the toilet, you should call the toilet repair team – plumbing professional. Make sure to correct any errors.

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