How to fix a Leaky toilet


A leaking toilet is serious problem, this can cause a lot of trouble for your daily life. , How to fix a Leaky toilet? Below are helpful tips for you.  

Continuous flush toilets can waste thousands of liters of water every day, rising water bills greatly affect your family life. Correcting it promptly not only saves you costs but also resolves the nuisance of noise. The key to the problem is finding the cause, the location causing the leak. Once determined, you will have how to fix a leaky toilet. You can follow  tips for fixing a leaking toilet in this article.

Basic fix steps:

1. How do you fix a Leaky Toilet – Determine the problem of the flush valve

First, lock the pipeline into the toilet. Before checking, you need to lock the water supply pipe to the toilet. Squeeze to remove all water from the tank. This helps the water not flow into the tank while you consider the repair.

A flush valve is a round piece of rubber that prevents water from flowing from the tank into the toilet.When you flush water, the chain will pull the rubber cover up so that clean water gets into the tank. The improperly operated flush valve is the most common cause of leaking toilet problem.


How to fix a leaky toilet quickly and effectively?

Next, Open the toilet lid and observe inside. You should secure the porcelain lid with both hands and lift it up. Place it on a pre-lined towel to avoid a collision. The toilet lid is made of heavy and brittle material, so Be careful and put it in a safe place. Consider the length of the connecting line between the flush valve and the lever, If the wire is too long or too short, the exhaust valve will not work properly.

If the cord is too short, the valve will always be open when not needed and the water will splash continuously into the tub. If the cord is too long, the valve cover will not be pulled up when you push the lever, and the water cannot flow.

  • If the chain is too tight, remove the hook connecting the chain to the lever, move it up one to two steps. When the length is moderate, hook it back into the chain and the lever.
  • If the chain is too long, use a metal cutting plier to shorten the upper part of the chain. After proper alignment, hook it back into the toilet lever.

Finally, Check the flush valve to find the problem, Observe if the flush valve has deformation, discoloration, rotting or other signs.

2. How to fix a leaky toilet tank – adjust the water level

If the flush valve is not the cause of the toilet leaking water then the next reason is the water level.  The too high water level will overflow.


Too high water level can cause overflow and leaking toilet

  • Check the water level: When the tank is full and the water keeps flowing, look at the overflow pipe .In case the water level is too high, adjust it by lowering the float ball.also, you should make sure that the water level is at least an inch below the C-L (critical level)
  • Determine the type of float you are using: There are two types of popular float:  float around and funnel-shaped float. You can totally lower the water level by aligning the pitch of the float. On the top of the water supply valve there is a screw connecting the horizontal bar of the float ball with the valve, When screwing this screw, you can adjust the height of the float. Do the same with the funnel-shaped float.
  • Check the water supply hose if the toilet is continuously flowing: The water supply hose must always be above the water surface, otherwise the water will flow. When the tank is full, make sure the water supply hose is not submerged in water. If you want to fix a submerged water supply hose, just cut it a bit to get the tip of the pipe just above the water surface.

3. how to fix a leaky toilet valve – Replace the water supply valve

After the flush valve and the water level have been checked and repaired but the toilet is not working well, the problem is now at the water supply valve.


replacing valve supply the water

The solution for you is to replace the water supply valve. First, you need to drain the water in the tank, turn off the water flowing to the toilet. Next, lock the water flow into the toilet, remove the main water supply valve in the tank, Take it to the specialized store and find a replacement valve. This way you can ensure that the replacement level valve has the same size and style as the old one was broken. And then install new supply valve and connect to the water source. You can check the feed valve by opening the water up to fill the tank with water and Consider the water level. Consider the water level, make sure the supply pipe is not submerged in the water and listen to the sound of running water to see if everything is stable. Squeeze need to flush the toilet several times and wait for the water to fill up the container to check everything again.

When you have fixed the toilet bowl successfully and the water is no longer leaked, carefully close the lid of the water tank as before.

4. How to fix a Leaky toilet flapper – Inspecting the flapper:

  • If the flapper is more than 5 years old should replace it.
  • If the flapper is less than 5 years old, check the rubber surface for debris. Cut excess chain if it is interfering with the seating of the flapper, makes sure the chain is not too straight.


flapper’s problem can cause a leaking toilet

The key for you avoids leaky toilet problem is finding the cause and target hit. We hope this content above can help you how to fix a leaky toilet quickly and effectively. ToiletsZones can help you choose the best flushing rated toilet accompanied by warranty service for you to fix a leaking toilet with the lowest cost.

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