How To Find American Standard Toilet Model Number?


How to find American standard toilet model number”- almost people think that is an unnecessary, but it is really useful in case you want to know what type of toilet you have and you will be able to solve easily the problems related to your toilet.

In this article, I will introduce for you how to find American standard toilet model number. First of all, to make clear about how to find American standard toilet model number, we need to know what is american standard toilet?

4 selection criteria of american standard toilet:

  • Criteria 1: Design

Priority is given to the convenience of cleaning the product with a large, bulky or elongated mold, with no small details.

Depending on the purpose and design, the shapes and complex shapes such as square, diamond of the toilet will increase the aesthetics of the bathroom.

In addition, the wall-hung type toilet seats represent the future design trend that will bring a whole new look to your bathroom.

  • Criterion 2: Coating

Gloss and bright glaze, low adhesion makes it easy to wash away dirt and impurities.

  • Criterion 3: Design the globe

At present, some advanced toiletry products are designed to enclose the sealing ring in the toilet bowl, thus minimizing the residue of dirt and bacteria when discharging water, easy cleaning and long-term health for user.

  • Criterion 4:  Discharge size

Standard exhaust dimensions ensure an optimum discharge for the deck of 54mm.

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Finding model number of toilet is also very necessary

Carefully remove the toilet lid and place it gently on the floor. Find the manufacturer or number at the bottom of the water tank cap. It can be glued to the lid or painted on

If there is no number on the cap, take the torch and start looking into the water tank. Typically, you’ll find the manufacturer’s name or number (stamped or painted with waterproof paint) above the waterline, but some of them are located below the waterline or behind the intake valve. Take your time and keep the flashlight in a corner to help you see better any stampings. Some manufacturers actually stamp the number on the bottom of the tank, so be sure to look straight into the tank too.

Sometimes you can get a cloth (do not use your hands in the case of rough spots on the porcelain) and wipe the inside of the tank. This does not really clean the back of the tank, but it will leave stains in the openings or indentations where the numbers lie, helping you find it and / or make it easier to read.

Note that a large number of modern toilets have the name of a small print manufacturer stuck on the toilet seat bolts – can at least put you in the right direction to find your model number, by contacting the manufacturer or using one of our toilet picture pages.

You can find the necessary information through the manufacturer’s catalog, you can find your model number simply by looking through our pictures of types of toilet

Hopefully, this article helped you know how to find American standard toilet model number, please refer to the next article for more information.

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