How to clean toilet tank with vinegar and baking soda?

Using vinegar and baking soda for cleaning toilet is fast and convenient and do not smell the chemical.

Toilet cleaning is a hard part in cleaning the home. Too tight stains plus the smell of cleaning chemicals make this work a torture for many people. However, using the toilet cleaning tip after you will not take too much effort as well as time, especially without the smell of chemicals that cause discomfort toilet clean.

Function of vinegar 

In the past, vinegar has been an important spice and used in many culinary cultures in the world. Vinegar is a sour liquid, formed from the fermentation of ethyl alcohol. The main ingredient of vinegar is a solution of acetic acid with a concentration of about 5%. This acid transforms the vinegar into a "miracle" cleanser, which cleans out almost any stain, clothing stain, or kitchen or household items.

With the mechanism of absorbing odor and quickly removing stains, in addition to the "function" brought delicious meals, vinegar has become a "powerful assistant" of housewives in the work of cleaning, housecleaning. Wait until you buy yourself a good bottle of vinegar and start on the "fight" with the stubborn stubborn of your family!

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Function of baking soda

With foam properties when reacting with weak acids and warm water, baking soda after the reaction will make the plaque in your toilet flush out quickly.

In fact, how to clean the toilet bowl with baking soda is quite similar to the way of toilet bowl with baking soda. However, when the switch is on, waste and baking soda will dissolve the waste and remove the plaque from the toilet. If you are stuck in the toilet, taking advantage of this approach is also very good.

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How to do the toilet cleaning with vinegar and baking soda

Prepare a glass of baking soda and two glasses of vinegar or 1 liter of warm water at 80 degrees. You can use it all and a pot. For those of you who use it all at the same time, pour baking soda and pour the vinegar into the pot. Next, you wait a moment to add more warm water. You will see bubbles in your pot. This is the CO2 produced during the reaction. This phenomenon is similar to when you pour a coca.


Cleaning toilet with vinegar and baking soda

Pour the solution around in the toilet and wait for a moment. However, this way may cause the plaque of the toilet to go out. This leads to hard work.

At the same time, you can clean the outside of the toilet, such as water tanks, lids, locations around the toilet.

Open the toilet seat cover from the top down to the bottom, especially the corners, while scouring the toilet to see if the stain is clean. In particular, you should clean the toilet bowl because this is the direct contact between the bacteria on the body. Finally, you discharge the water. And your toilet is cleaned.

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