How many gallons does it take to flush a two-button toilet?

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The type of toilet which has two buttons on the toilet tank is increasingly popular. And it is also considered a "green" solution for many homes as well as public toilets. To provide you with proper use and understanding about, this article will give basic information about this toilet type.

In recent years, in toilets of commercial centers, office buildings, in addition to the toilets with only 1 pressing or discharging button, there has appeared a toilet with two buttons. And this type of toilet is becoming increasingly popular. As being considered as a "green" solution, it is highly suggested to put into use for many homes as well as public toilets.


Do you know how many gallons it takes to flush a toilet?

In fact, this kind of toilet was designed and put into use since 1980 and today, it has become very popular in developed countries. In many countries, there still exists two types of toilet in the same series, one discharge button and two discharge buttons.

A single-flush toilet has only one flush mechanism. It means that all wastes are flushed with the same amount of water. Can you guess how many gallons does it take to flush a toilet? The amount of discharged water sometimes can be up to approximately 18 liters of water per flush. This in the long run is very harmful to the environment. Moreover, it costs much more to pay for water bill every month with a quite considerable amount of money.


The single-flush toilet has only one flush mechanism, using approximately 18 liters of water per flush.

To solve this problem, the two-button toilet was invented and put into widespread use. Do you know the difference between these two buttons type and one button type? That is the difference in the amount of water that it will take to flush.

Accordingly, one button will discharge all the water in the reservoir, the other button only discharges half of the tank. Normally, the discharge button which takes 1/2 of the tank per flush is highly recommended to use for liquid waste by many specialists. Since the water discharge is only about 3 liters, it can save quite a lot. The other one is used to treat solid waste, which will discharge about 6 liters of water.


One button will drain all the water in the tank, the other half will only drain half of the tank only

On average, one person will press the flush button about 5 to 7 times. It is also proven that by using the 2-button toilet, you can save a lot of water. This means that you will not only save amount of discharged water but also protect our environment.

Now you know how many gallons it takes to flush a toilet and the use of these two types of buttons. Then, make sure you flush the toilet properly when using this type of toilet. If you want to know more about bathroom or toilet, please read the next articles.

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