How do you fix a toilet that won’t flush completely?


In the process of using the toilet every day, we sometimes find the toilet is leaking out the outside we do not know why and how to overcome the situation like this. So how do you fix a toilet that won’t flush completely?

Before going into the specific instructions on how to clean the toilet bowl, let’s find out why this condition is occurring. Hypoallergenic toilets are mainly due to the location of toilets, unoccupied and sealed toilets that cause water to leak out of the holes. So how do you fix a toilet that won’t flush completely, we need to check all the connection points to find the location and cause.

There are two most common cases


How do you fix a toilet that won’t flush completely?

– If the water under the toilet changes color, you should check the toilet flush valve.

– If the toilet floor color changes, you should check the connection between the toilet and the floor or drain pipe.

Some of the causes of hypo-allergenic toilet that most customers encounter

– Due to the connection points, the contact of the equipment, the details of the toilet is open.

– Due to the latex used for degreasing, you need to change or clean them.

– Toilet valve is blocked by the channel, not closed with the valve closed water.

1. The toilet is leaking due to the drain valve


How do you fix a toilet that won’t flush completely?

You see the most obvious when using the toilet bowl above the eye immediately.


– Mainly due to the source of water for a long time on the valve flush. Causes the closure of the exhaust valve.

– Due to the rubber between the discharge valve, the tank, the toilet was torn, torn.

The toilet flush valve is one of the important places because it is the location where the water tank and toilet tank are located. If the flushing valve is faulty, the water will flow directly from the tank. Down the toilet, this will cause your family to waste water for use in living. To overcome the water leakage in the drain valve, first you have to close the water valve at the source, then you should proceed to clean the tank of the toilet to help remove all sediment , sand … clean the drain valve with white vinegar and brush.

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2. Faucet water in the closed valve


– According to the pipeline from the outside.

The toilet is leaking at the handle of the flush

This is because you accidentally set the float limit too high compared to the rules. Make the water in the tank too much to spill over the handle of the toilet water.

You just need to lower the float to a few inches to solve this situation.

3. The toilet is leaking to the toilet floor


This may be due to the glue between the toilet and the sewer pipe being opened causing the waste water to spill out.

First, you lock the drain valve into the container, then use a dry towel to absorb the remaining water in the toilet. Removal of toilet parts such as tank lid, tank body, toilet seats. With replacement parts, you should replace them with new ones such as rubber pads, bolts, screws.

Hopefully through the article on How do you fix a toilet that won’t flush completely, you have learned how to recognize a toilet with a water leak, the cause as well as how to wash the toilet when water is constantly flowing.

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