How To Fix a Slow Flushing Toilet To Retain Flushing Power

We are all feel uncomfortable when our toilets that flush slowly. It happen when you have to wait and waste your time for all the water to go down and then slowly muddles on to an annoyingly weak flush that doesn’t make all the stuff go down. The sign of a slowly toilet flushing can be easy to see by eyes but there is a way to fix a slow flushing toilet. After we use the toilet, we always flush it and all the waste will go down quickly. Otherwise, when there are too much wastes, the bowl will full or stuck then the water will go down very slow or reflux and then just stay right there.

Why is toilet flushing slow??

Here are some reason can cause a slow toilet:

  1. Putting too much napkin or toilet paper at once.
  2. Dropping somethings down the bowl accidentally.
  3. Wrong position when you placed the toilet.

This is a common reason of the househole when constructing toilets install appliances such as toilets, urinals, are often uninterested in the installation of drainage pipes and equipment. Especially if the location of toilets, urinals that are deviated from the drainage pipes, this is a very serious cause should be dealt with immediately. Therefore, when building toilets, you should pay attention to the installation of toilet facilities and should be built according to the standards set by the engineers.

  • The toilet system does not have exhaust pipes or pipes are broken.
  • Old fashioned toilets.

When faced with these issues you do not know how to handle them without getting your hands too dirty. Otherwise, some tips of quick fixes below will show you “How to fix a slow toilet to retain flushing power?

Firstly, you can flush your toilet manually with a bucket and a gallon of water, use a large bucket of water and then pour down in one thrust to push the stuff in the toilet down.

easy to fix solutions

If it still not working, use can use some kind of pushing devices like brush in case of your toilet is clogged.

–  Use Baking Soda + 1 part salt + ½ part of the vinegar to blend together then pour into the toilet. and wait about 30 minutes then pour 1 bucket of hot water down the toilet.

– Use Muriatic acid. It’s strong stuff but it will dissolve that calcium buildup in your toilet. You could pour it down the overflow tube and wait a couple minutes and then it will be as good as new.

 – Use drainage sewer every 3 months to clean all the waste in the toilet.

The steps shown do not need to be done in order, this may fix the problem and it is also recommended that you do this once in a while to extend the life of you toilet. Make sure you check the holes and jet to make sure they are not clogged from the blue tablets. If you follow the instructions and the toilet still flashes slowly, that means that it is most likely clogged, and you may need to remove it from the floor and check the pipes to determine if it is clogged.

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