Top 6 Best Kohler Toilet Reviews

Everyone often assumes that the toilet is just a toilet. But we think the toilet has an important role in your life. And if you want to look for the best Kohler toilet, you’ll need to learn models, uses and costs make sure suitability for you. 

A toilet is a useful tool for modern life. It helps you feel more comfortable with your daily activities, but not all toilets have the most perfect use. So, you need to pay attention to more factors when you look for the best Kohler toilet before pulling your credit card out.

This is why you should read below content. Information about Kohler's toilet types will make it easy for you to make your choice.  Simultaneously, We will also provide some quality of the best Kohler toilet reviews for reference .

How do you choose the best Kohler toilet?

how do you choose the best kohler toilet with our reviews

Have you ever wondered how to choose a quality toilet at an affordable price? You used to stand in front of dozens of toilet products but don't know which one is best for you? We have small tips can help you in this situation. You can determine the uses of the toilet through advice from product suppliers on the market. And the important note for you: The best kohler toilet is the most suitable product. If you have a house with a modest area, you should choose a toilet with multiple functions to minimize space width. And If you hate cleaning with normal toilet paper, a toilet with integrated warm water cleaning function will be the right choice for you.

On the market, there are many types of toilets with various designs and uses to satisfy your needs. Don't hesitate to plan an ideal toilet and ask for the help of the salespeople.

Smart kohler toilet reviews bowl

Smart toilet for your home - why not? 

Smart toilets possess many high-tech features such as remote control, touch screen, separate settings,...make sure for the daily life of busy people. However, many Vietnamese people still appear to be skeptical about smart toilets because of their habit of using traditional products.

In fact, the birth of smart toilets brings many positive changes to human life. Don't hesitate to make changes, make sure the results will surprise you.

Top 6 best Kohler toilet reviews for your comfort life

KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort

This is one of the best Kohler toilet that you can find. With one - piece design integrates the tank and bowl into a seamless, make it easy to clean and subtle white color, create accents for your toilet space.

Slim design creates comfort for space, very quiet flushing system allows flushing from all sides of the toilet. And comfort Height(R) feature allow most adults to stand up and sitting down easily.

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You will have no problem cleaning this toilet thanks to its one-piece design. Some pros below can help you get an effective assessment of this toilet.


  • Aquapiston flush technology can save water and clean effectively
  • Easy to install with seamless parts
  • Modern, elegant, attractive design
  • 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF)


  • The left hand lever is inconvenient in some cases
  • One-piece design proved difficult to transport with many risks

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic

The Kohler brand is famous for its comfortable height features, and the Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic is no exception. This is one of the most comfortable toilets you can find on the market and with our kohler toilet reviews buying guide. This toilet has a two-piece design and an extended bowl that allows users to feel comfortable solving their problems.

Pressure Assist flushing system can help make cleaning easier and faster. Chair-height seating that makes standing up and sitting down easier for most adults. The pure white color of this toilet that will be perfect for any bathroom.

High-Technology of this Kohler toilet help save water every time you flush. This is suitable for your apartment because you won't disturb anyone else even in the night. Also, this toilet is a combination of classic and modern design, offers the best experience for you.


  • Modern design, two-piece integration makes installation easy
  • Pressure Assist flushing system and save water
  • This toilet offers comfort while sitting and standing up by height comfort feature.


  • Unique two-piece design has not really satisfied the aesthetic appeal of many people.

Kohler K-3819-0 Toilet

This toilet has exquisite design with a two-piece white color. Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort for the user. Toilet offers a traditional style model combined with modern technology between two product lines, K-4380, and K-4642.

The elegance in shape offers for your bathroom. You will be pleased to discover that closing seat comes with the toilet which increases the comfort while using it. Similar to other Kohler products, this toilet features comfortable height features help users get optimal comfort.


  • Creativity in the design process offers the user a good experience and an efficient layout in the bathroom space.
  • The white colors and premium materials make it easy to clean and provide a luxurious space for the bathroom.
  • Has long durability and less damage


  • Fancy square tub design and round seats make many people unhappy with the design of the product.

KOHLER K-3609-0 Toilet

The toilet topped the list of Kohler's quality products. Comfortable Stretching height of 1.28 gpf, toilet to make use more convenient and comfortable. Traditional white colors create a feeling of closeness and comfort when using. High-quality material makes it easy to clean.

The combination includes the K-4309 bowl and K-4421 tank, which enhances the uniqueness of the product. You will definitely not be disappointed when choosing this toilet for your bathroom.


  • Modern, sophisticated design, easy to arrange for the bathroom
  • Guaranteed by top brand Kohler
  • Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 gpf, Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.


  • You need to clean regularly before the toilet is stained by the original white
  • The capacity of the tank is not so large that it is only suitable for small families.

KOHLER K-3817-47 Toilet

KOHLER K-3817-47 offers for the users a classic experience by traditional design and close style. Owning AquaPiston Canister allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides, increasing the power and efficiency of the flushing toilet. Also, this toilet has an easy lift off features that you will find very convenient and comfortable.

WaterSense toilets meet EPA's strict rinse guidelines, providing maximum water savings and user-friendliness.


  • classic style and modern technology offer the best quality for users.
  • Save water, save the environment.
  • Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF helps users more comfort.


  • Classic designs are not suitable for many current housing designs.

KOHLER K-3987-0 Toilet

Another great toilet comes to the Kohler brand. Two-piece toilet with Round-front bowl offers a good solution for smaller baths. This toilet deserves a high position on the list of the most ideal toilets.

KOHLER K-3987-0 is a product in the Wellworth collection, with perfect water discharge system, easy installation without any tools or assistance.


  • Easy lift-off feature offers convenience and comfort for users.
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Modern Design
  • good price


  • If you have a large bathroom space for many users, you should not use this product.

Guide to using our best Kohler toilet reviews:

Among the quality toilet products of Kohler brand, you wonder if any know-how can help you find the most suitable toilet. Start with the need to use your toilet.

What do you need with your ideal Kohler toilet?

Find yourself a toilet that fits your own characteristics and conditions. Are you single or married? Does your family have young children? Is your housing area big or small? Answer basic questions about your own characteristics, you can imagine the most appropriate toilet for you.

Pay attention to water saving technology

Water-saving technology is an important thing to get a good toilet. Today, how to save natural fuel is a big question of the human. Prioritize water-saving toilets to protect the environment and save you money.

The flush system - proof of modern technology for your toilet:

Your toilet has a modern and noise-free drainage system, which demonstrates the top quality of the product. A good flushing system will not only clean your toilet every time you flush it, but it will also prevent clogging. You can also choose dual flush toilets with dual flush systems so you can choose between a partial flush and a dual flush.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How to install Kohler toilet?

Usually, Kohler toilets have two types: one piece or two pieces. And Kohler toilet products are imported from abroad into Vietnam, so users need to install them before use. Many addresses that provide quality toilets on the market can help you install your toilet effectively and ensure product specifications. However, it is always wise to check with the manufacturer before counting on it.

2. Is there any toilet that has a comfortable height feature and is silent?

Yes, you totally owning a toilet has comfortable height feature is silent. Usually, the manufacturer will specify the silent feature in the product description. You can learn information about products to have the best Kohler toilet.

Some of the toilet lines we mentioned above also possess two important features to feature comfortable height and silence. You can choose the most suitable product for your use or refer to other product lines on the market

3. Is the Kohler toilet popular in US?

Kohler is one of the most popular and popular toilet brands in united states today. The products of Kohler has design features and characteristics that are suitable for American lifestyle, affordable and durable.

Currently, Kohler is one of the favorite brands by many different customers in the market. The brand's popularity has made users more and more confident in Kohler toilets.

4. Is warranty policy of Kohler toilet products good?

Warranty policy is something that many toilet users care about when buying products. Currently, Kohler offers customers a reputable warranty policy to ensure that customers can use the toilet best and solve problems when there is a problem with their toilet.

When buying sanitary products with the Kohler brand, you will receive warranty documents with full information about the toilet to prevent the toilet bowl from being damaged.

5. What criteria are most important when choosing a Kohler toilet?

There are many different criteria to choose toilet brand Kohler. Every criterion is important, but what you need to pay special attention to is the features that the product offers. Learn thoroughly the features of the toilet before deciding to withdraw the purse for the product.

Besides the features of comfortable height, warm water discharge, cleaning technology, other features such as light emitting or remote control will also provide maximum support for users.

Finishing Touch

In Conclusion, Kohler toilets is one of the best toilet brands in the world. This brand owns many types of the top toilet with quality design and high technology, bringing more efficiency and comfort for users. And the top 6 toilets that we mentioned above are the ones that are highly appreciated in the market. We hope the content above can help you choose a good toilet for your daily life.

If you want to choose a good toilet, you should come to quality, reputable units, have many years of experience and distribute genuine toilet products. This increases the chances of getting the best Kohler toilet with affordable prices and many attractive services. If you choose a good model, such a toilet can last you for a long time with very little maintenance as well.

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Short Flushing Toilet Reviews On The Best Toilets For 2018:


Your toilet is one of the most significant pieces of household fixtures. The average bowl will probably stay in your home for as much as ten years at a time. It should be highly functional, durable and user-friendly. Apart from aesthetics, your toilet should be comfortable, and easy to clean and maintain over time. There are many features on a variety of toilets on the market. Choose the one that best suits your need for style, function, and durability.

The best flushing toilet will reduce water wastage, flush easily and efficiently and be comfortable for everyone in your household.

Final Thought

Your toilet is one of the most significant pieces of household fixtures. The average bowl will probably stay in your home for as much as ten years at a time. It should be highly functional, durable and user-friendly. Apart from aesthetics, your toilet should be comfortable, and easy to clean and maintain over time. There are many features on a variety of toilets on the market. Choose the one that best suits your need for style, function, and durability.

The best flushing toilet will reduce water wastage, flush easily and efficiently and be comfortable for everyone in your household.