6 Easy Ways To Install A Toilet Flange (With Pictures)


Have you ever thought about installing your toilet flange on your own? A toilet flange connects the bottom of the toilet to the drainpipe in the floor of the bathroom. When a toilet is leaking from the base, you may need to replace your toilet flange. Actually, this is a very simple process, so now I will help you understand more about it so that you can do it yourself at home. Before learning how to install, we will name some of the tools needed in the process:


  • Toilet flange
  • Wax bowl
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver 
  • Hacksaw (Optional)

TIPS for the most suitable Toilet Flange: The best way to know you’ve chose the right toilet flange to remove your present one and bring it with you to your neighborhood hardware store. Though PVC is the most common type of material used to produce toilet flanges, they also come in copper, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel and brass. They also have various shapes and sizes.

Although this is not a complex process but it does require your physical health and the proper equipment. The flange is simply the piece of pipe which connects your toilet to the waste pipe. If you are installing a new toilet, then you will need to install a toilet flange. You will also need to install it if your current flange is broken or damaged. As long as the right tools and materials are on hand and you will do exactly the following steps, completing this project should only take a couple of hours. Let’s take a closer look!

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Step 1: Preparation

When you you are going to do something relevant to mechanism, the preparation is very important. It is very essential that you spend time preparing so that everything lines up. If your toilet is installed without a flange or it isn’t fitted correctly then this can cause your toilet to leak. This will not only be unpleasant, but it will also cause damage to your home. Leaking toilets can also be very smelly and shameful. Finding out how to fix the problem as soon as possible will save you a lot of embarrassment.

Place newspapers or towels on the ground adjacent to the bathroom. The toilet will be placed on these after you disconnect it from the flange.

Step 2: Disconnect the water supply

Turn off the water supply to the toilet. Disconnect the water supply hose. Flush the toilet until it is empty. Use a wet vac to remove remaining water in the tank and the trap.

Disconnect the water supply

Step 3: Remove the toilet

Before you can set up a new toilet flange, firstly, you must remove the toilet, which is sealed into the existing one. Now comes the somewhat difficult part. A toilet can weigh upwards of 120 pounds. It’s always best if you can enlist the aid of a family member, friend or extremely nice neighbor. Before lifting, rock it back and forth a few times to break the wax seal. Undo the 2 bolts holding the toilet down to the floor using your adjustable wrench and then move the toilet out of the way. It might take a bit of rocking before the toilet will come away from the wall. The wax seal is designed to stop gasses from escaping the waste pipe. When lifting, be sure to use your legs, not your back. Lift it straight up and carefully set it on top of the newspapers or towels that you already placed on the floor.

Remove the toilet

Step 4: Remove the old flange.

By using a putty knife, it will be much more easy to clean the wax from the flange. Remove the screws attaching it to the floor using your multi-head screwdriver. Keep the screws for later. Remove the flange and clean it off either in the sink or with a disinfecting wipe. Tuck an old rag into the sewage outflow pipe to block any unwanted sewer smells or gasses.

Measure the diameter of the sewer pipe to determine the correct size for the flange. Then, place your old one in a bag and head to a nearest home improvement store, a hardware store or a plumbing supply store and purchase a flange of the same size and shape.

Remove the old flange

Step 5: Installing the new flange

Make sure the flange you purchase is the same size and shape. In addition to the flange, you will need a new wax ring. Purchase a new wax ring at the store along with your new flange. The correct nuts and bolts often come with the toilet flange. If for any reason these pieces are not included, you will have the ones you saved during removal. If they were in bad shape, you will need to purchase new nuts and bolts. The new bolts will secure the flange against the bottom of the toilet.

Screw the new flange to the floor using a screwdriver and the new screws that came in the product package. Make sure that there are no spaces between the flange and the floor before screwing it into place. Attach using your used or new screws and bolts. Once in place, you should have two bolts sticking up for the toilet.

Lift up the toilet and push the new wax ring into place on the bottom. Now it’s just time to fit the toilet, the screws will be tightened so that the toilet is sturdy and doesn’t rock. The seal should be checked to ensure that it is watertight. Place the toilet on top of the flange, lining up the toilet with the new bolts. Press down tightly to seal the wax ring. Replace the nuts that hold the toilet onto the flange. Hand-tighten them before using a wrench to tightly secure them.

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Step 6: Reconnect the water supply hose.

Turn back the water on. Once the toilet bowl is full, flush it a few times to make sure it is working correctly without leaks. If the floor is dry and the toilet is not wobbling, so you have succeeded in the process!


We have mentioned all the steps to help you to install a toilet flange like a professional plumber. From now on, you can use it in your DIY project (Do It Yourself). It is not just help you to saving your money but it also turning you to a professional plumber in your own house. We hope that we are successful to help you widen your knowledge about your toilet. Last but not least, keep in mind the important things we have mentioned above to make your toilet is the best one. If you have anything to ask or to add, feel free to comment in the section below and we will answer you one by one!

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