PottyPal presents child-friendly toilet training system

Without relying on gimmicks that often don't work, Dr. Merry's PottyPal is quietly revolutionizing the toilet training process.

"PottyPal offers children the proper way to toilet train the first time," explains Tara C. Addeo, the company's vice-president. "A child is not supposed to go on a `ring' that fits on top of the toilet, or on a seat that sits on the floor. They are supposed to go where adults go" she says. The PottyPal system allows children to be more independent, train earlier and avoid the stress that can accompany toilet training. "When we convey this important message to consumers, they're very receptive to the product," Addeo reports.

Made of the same high-grade polypropylene used by leading toilet manufacturers, PottyPal consists of three pieces that easily install over an existing toilet. "When the lid is folded down, you can not even tell there's a child-size seat hidden in the lid," Addeo says, making the product even more appealing to parents who may be entertaining guests. The company also provides an 8 1/2 inch high step stool, ergonomically designed to further ease the toilet training process.

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"No significant introductions have been added in this important children's category," Addeo goes on to say. "Buyers are used to selling the traditional plastic inserts and rings and stand-alone potties. Our message to them is clear: PottyPal is a superior alternative and your customers deserve the opportunity to purchase superior product in your store."

Proof of PottyPal's appeal comes in the many phone calls the company receives daily from people who have purchased plastic inserts, only to find that they break or the child falls off. In fact, the Discovery Channel last year reported that there have been more than 40,000 toilet-related injuries involving small children. "Many of these plastic inserts are not integrated to work with all toilets" Addeo points out. "Children often slip and fall, or the inferior plastic rips and cuts into the child. PottyPal is not only safer, it's more convenient" she says. Further, a child can continue to use PottyPal until approximately five years old, depending on his or her size.

Retailing for $29.95, PottyPal includes an instructional booklet and attractive incentive stickers, which feature four appealing characters--Potty-Saurus, Potty-Pony, Potty-Pirate and Potty-Princess. Super-soft chenille plush versions of these characters, ranging in size from 11 to 15 inches high, are now available separately for $8.95.

"Some of the juvenile specialty stores are setting up displays highlighting the PottyPal, step stool and plush toys," Addeo says. "They've found it makes a great gift set."

Many of these same retailers actually put PottyPal in their store's bathroom, she says, and as a result, some experience four times more business for the line than other retailers.

The company has also brought its message to the industrial market, where PottyPal can now be seen in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, family amusement parks, and a growing number of nursery schools and day care centers.

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PottyPal was developed and extensively tested by Dr. Thom Merry, a Nevada-based physician in practice for more than 20 years. "We're #1 in the #2 business;' the company says proudly, and in the near future, it will be introducing a number of other children's health care products.

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