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How Does a Power Toilet Flush Work?

Nowadays, there are a lot of way to call the greatness of inventions to human were invented by an English plumber called Thomas Crapper (c.1836–1910) that we can not live without it is “The Toilet”. We have so many names for something we care to talk about except the word “toilet” like loo, Wc, lavatory, […]

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How to manually flush a toilet?

Nowadays, there may be a short time when the water supply is planned to be cut off in your neighborhood. In addition, you don’t need to admit that but I bet all of us have been in a “situation” at some point that relevant to a clogged toilet, and I’m totally sure that there will […]

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How’d you like to spend $500 on a toilet

Hotel owners operating in Honolulu, HI, are protesting a rule passed by the Honolulu City Councul requiring the installation of ultra-low-flush toilets. The toilets cost $300-$500 and will have to be installed by licensed plumbers. Hoteliers argue that the added costs are not in tune with the region’s declining tourism industry and that the toilets […]

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