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Tips and tricks to help you get more from your toilet and gadgets

How To Snake a Toilet? (6 Steps)

Dealing with a clogged toilet is really annoy you and your whole family. Especially with children in the home, it is almost inevitable. At times, you can unclog just by using a plunger, but what if the plunger alone doesn’t fix the problem? If you have tried a plunger, a hot-water flush or even a […]

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Things To Consider When Buying An Automatic Toilet

When most of people work with a contractor for their bathroom remodel, they tend to focus on elements such as the flooring, countertop or vanity and bathtub or shower. However, the element they most neglect is the toilet. There are a number of choices when it comes to the toilet during your bathroom remodel and […]

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How to Installing A Toilet In Your House?

In our modern life, setting up a new toilet absolutely easier than you think. In fact, many resident choose to remove their old toilet and replace it with a new one without the help of a handyman or plumber. If you make your decision to installing a toilet your new DIY project, you should know […]

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How To Prevent Water Wastage In The Toilet?

Living in our modern life, saving water is a huge responsibility for anyone of us. I can assure you, in every household, the most wasting water place is the bathroom. In addition to bathing, if your toilet facilities is not in the good condition or your usage is not appropriate, these will lead to wasted […]

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How Does a Composting Toilet Work?

We have all been taught the flush-and-forget system: We don’t see where it goes and we don’t have to deal with it (you know “out of sight, out of mind”). Wastewater treatment is extremely energy intensive and the world as a whole shouldn’t continue using perfectly good drinking water to flush away our waste.So have […]

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How to use a Composting Toilet?

Interested in finding out more about how you can live better? Take a look at this essay about a composting toilet!How to use a composting toilet?Before widen your knowledge about how to use it, I will show you some reason why should you choose a composting toilet in your bathroom to make sure you will […]

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How Does a Power Toilet Flush Work?

Nowadays, there are a lot of way to call the greatness of inventions to human were invented by an English plumber called Thomas Crapper (c.1836–1910) that we can not live without it is “The Toilet”. We have so many names for something we care to talk about except the word “toilet” like loo, Wc, lavatory, […]

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