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How to fix a running toilet with a button flush?

How to clean toilet tank with vinegar and baking soda?Many people have trouble with their toilet because it is an important role in housing way of ours, especially a running toilet with a button flush is uncomfortable problem that you will have to suffer as using your toilet. So we should find out how to fix […]

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How To Fix A Running Toilet Without A Flapper?

In the bathroom, continuous discharge of water can waste thousands of liters of water a day, and water bills increase significantly affect your family life. Repairing it on time not only saves you money but also solves nuisance noise. Here are some reasons why a toilet is watery, and you can fix it yourself without […]

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How to install a toilet flange in new construction?

More: How to remove rust stains from toilet bowl naturally?It is very important to properly install a toilet flange. Therefore, how to install a toilet flange in new construction is the question which many people concern.If you do not have a way to install a toilet flange properly, when you use the toilet, gases and water […]

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How to flush a toilet when the handle is broken?

Sometimes, because of some reasons, your toilet handle is broken then it is not necessary to worry about. You can use various simple tips for temporary use. This article is going to give useful information about how to flush a toilet when the handle is broken.Often due to a long day or wires are trapped […]

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