How to unclog a toilet that’s backing up into the bathtub?

Your home often encounters problems such as when the toilet water is crying, toilets are chirp or the phenomenon of reflux is over and more serious than the spill on the toilet floor.

What is the cause of these phenomena as well as the treatment of it. You never see the signs on the other side, make sure the toilet is clogged and call the clerk immediately, as you will probably lose the money. This is the phenomenon of the toilet air duct system can be blocked by too much waste. The following article will share some experiences that will help you to handle these phenomena without calling the technician.

All your plumbing equipment (toilets, sinks, baths, etc.) are all loaded into the same sewer.

If your drain and sewer are the debris, the water flows easily and easily out of your home when you discharge the toilet (as shown in the picture below).


Drainage diagram

However, if you have bottlenecks in the main sewer, water will be directed to the next opening, in this case your bathtub (see picture below).


Diagram of sewer clogged bathroom

Because the main drainage line is not completely blocked, the water in your bathtub will eventually exhaust within a few minutes and return to the main sewer.

Signs that the toilet should be clear

After draining you will see some signs as follows:

- The water in the toilet bowl spins evenly and slowly.

- It is necessary to commune water many times to waste water.

- The cistern has a loud and screaming sound and then the new water rolls down.

- Waste has a reflux on the toilet when the new escape.

- There are signs of odor escaping from the toilet when the water.

The way to handle the toilet is backing up into the bathtub

To handle the stagnant toilet bowl or reflux and foul odor, we need to tighten the toilet air vent. You can handle using microbial compounds to accelerate the decomposition of spherical waste and other biodegradable wastes. You can buy these solutions at the supermarkets or contact the company immediately to drain the method to be the fastest solution to bridge the ballast. When the tailings in the tunnel decay, the phenomenon of congestion of the steam pipe will no longer from which methane also does not accumulate in the tunnel and reflux to the tunnel to no longer occur phenomenon of reflux anymore.

If the cause is due to the bridge for your home for too long not to be dredged causing congestion, you need to shut down the tunnel system immediately. In order to be effective, you can use flour, which is sold in convenience stores or convenience stores. When you use it, it is very easy to make strands of wire, so you should use rubber gloves before taking precautions to protect your health.

This high-alkaline drainage will help decompose wastes faster, so that your basement will be airy and free of congestion. Also, if you want to be resolved the most thoroughly, you should call directly to consultants and support, in this case the welder will come to the house and clean the basement for you.

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