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Contractors and plumbers encounter problems on jobsites, it is part of the job. When it comes to toilet seats, a top concern by contractors, plumbers and customers alike are return visits or call-backs. Call-backs are usually caused by ill-fitting seats, squeaking hinges, rusted screws or chipped paint on molded wood seats.

Seats has listened to the contractor and has introduced toilet seats that help to alleviate these issues. ComfortSeats offers a complete line of toilet seats, including molded wood, decorative designer wood and plastic seats for residential, commercial and hospitality use.

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No two manufacturer's toilets are exactly the same size. Therefore, every toilet seat fits a little bit different. Consumers do not want the toilet seat to be short on the front, because then you must touch the toilet bowl to lift the seat. ComfortSeats has created a unique adjustable hinge system that allows the installer to adjust the fit of the seat from front-to-back. To ensure that the seat is securely installed, the patented ComfortSeat hinge includes special stainless-steel washers that provide a strong, secure installation.

Another common toilet seat problem that causes return visits are squeaking hinges and rusting hinge screws on molded wood toilet seats. To prevent rust, ComfortSeats uses stainless-steel screws to attach the hinges to the seat. In addition, on our premium molded wood toilet seats, we use a stainless-steel hinge pin to eliminate the annoying hinge squeak. Our factory-installed hinges ensure perfect alignment between the cover and the seat, and all of our molded wood seats feature a Multi-Coat Surface Finish, which provides a long-lasting and durable finish.

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For the safety minded, ComfortSeats also offers the patented EZ [TM] Close seat. Gently tap the seat and it slowly closes so there is no pinching of fingers--safer for children. The secret is our patented hinge that allows the seat to gradually close with no annoying slamming of the toilet seat. EZ Close seats are available in a variety of styles and sizes. In fact, the EZ Close hinge is now available in both molded wood and plastic toilet seats.

ComfortSeats is a division of WDI International, a worldwide supplier of plumbing products. WDI International was founded 10 years ago and has been committed to making quality products for the international plumbing community. WDI specializes in providing toilet manufacturers with innovativetoilet tank trim and quality toilet seats. WDI has proven its ability to meet the exacting quality standards of vitreous china manufactures in more than 35 countries.

At WDI International, we believe quality is not just a word, but a way of life. Our highly-trained product engineers are experts in their fields. We also hold numerous design and engineering patents that help make WDI International an innovative leader. In addition, we employ more than 100 highly-skilled tooling craftsmen to ensure all tools and parts meet our strict standards.

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