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Best Toilet Riser | Toilet Seat Riser Buying Guide 2018


In our modern life, toilet is an item that become very important and necessary in our bathroom. Beside that, with the need to improve the lives to serve utilities for people, especially the elderly and disabled people, we would like to introduce you a new product – A Best Toilet Riser - an add-on tool together with the toilet. The article below will help you widen your knowledge about our product. Let’s take a closer look!

What Is The Toilet Seat Riser?

Toilet riser - an easy-to-use handicapped toilet riser that boosts the toilet without any of the hassles that those old raised toilet seats created.

When you are trying to build a safe bathroom environment, something that cannot be overlooked is a toilet seat riser. In general, a common problem that many disabled people have to face is the ability to use a normal toilet like a normal person. Most toilets sit at a height where a person needs to have full bend of the knees and hips in order to sit down. A toilet seat riser lifts the height of the normal toilet seat by several inches, making it easier for someone with joint problems to sit.

The toilet riser need little additional cleaning. But most importantly, they will not request users to change their bathroom experience. There are no extra parts, no new tools to use. You will get to use the same toilet you are familiar with. The toilet riser just boosts it a little bit higher.

It is not only allows a person to ease themselves down on a higher seat but it also help users become independent with a product that is easy to clean. Some toilet seat risers lift the entire toilet. They require more work and more money. The most common toilet seat riser can be bought at most medical supply stores and larger department stores.

They have been called by many name such as toilet seat risers, toilet riser, toilet platform, toilet plinth, toilet pedestal, toilet base riser, toilet spacer or raised toilet seats. They are assistive technology devices to develope the accessibility of toilets for older people or those with disabilities. They can aid in transfer from wheelchairs and may help prevent falls. Beside that, unsuitably high risers may really increase fall risk.

It is also called The Essential Medical Supply elevated toilet riser and it was published to give you the elevation you need while still using your own toilet seat. The riser installs easily under your existing toilet seat with the provided long screws. It is created to fit a toilet bowl and gives the user around 3.5 inches rise. The following article will explain to you how to install the most common toilet seat riser on the market.

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Who Will Need The Toilet Riser?

In this article, we are going to talk about those who need the toilet seat riser and why they will need it. So, before mention about some other group of people who need them for their special needs, I will start with discussing how a normal person will find it suitable for their own toilet.

Everybody: It is absolutely possible for everyone to benefit from setting up a toilet seat riser in their bathroom. This is considering the fact that everybody will enjoy a higher level of comfort from installing a toilet riser in their homes. Have you ever wonder that you could somehow get to rest your hand when you are in the bathroom and find it comfortable and everything is up to your sastisfaction? Most toilet seat risers come with the arm, it mean that you can relax by resting your arm on them while you are easing yourself. You will also get more cozy if you enjoy reading a magazine, novel or playing with your phone during your process.

People with hip problems/disabled people: For people who have issues with their hips or disabled people, a toilet with a good seat riser, will really come a long way to help them in this situation. This is considering that toilets with low seats could be very uncomfortable and it even lead to a bad effect to their rate of recovery.

The Elderly: We all know that the older we grow, the weaker and more breakable we become. In line with this, sitting down on a very low chair or other low objects could become very pressured and difficult. The toilet seat riser will help you one hand to rise the height of the toilet seat. The added arm rest will also make it more convenient and comfortable for them.

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Sample Toilet Riser Specifications:

Dimensions: 21 ¼ inches long, 11 ½ inches wide, 4 inches high.

Weight capacity: 800 pounds.

Elevation: 4 inches.

Color: White.

Includes: Toilet Seat Riser, 6 inch long closet bolts (2), wax rings (2), extended water pipe (1), washers (2), nuts (2), installation manual.

Toilet riser types

Nowadays, there just only a handful of toilet riser available on the market. Some models are created to fit underneath a standard round or elongated toilet, while others are specially designed to fit RV toilets. Models will be devided into height, as well as in the weight capacity they can accommodate. Most models can rise the toilet’s seat height by between 2.5″ to 4″ depending on the model selected. Some models can accomodate a weight capacity more than 800 pounds. Before choosing a toilet riser, ensure to confirm not only that the pedestal’s weight capacity and height is suitable for your physical needs but also that the length of the toilet platform will accomodate the length of your toilet.

Things to consider before buying a toilet riser.

If you want to buy the best-raised toilet seats for your bathroom, there is a list that we have notice number of things that you should consider before deciding on your choice. Some of those things are discussed following as they will be very useful to aid your choice.

  • Arms: A main reason why a lot of people buy toilet riser is because of the arm rests. If this is the case with you, then you should ensure you check that the toilet seat riser you are purchasing comes with arms that the elderly person can easily rest on when they are using the toilet. The arms rest comes a long way to ease the stress of using the toilet for the elderly one, it also makes it easier for them to get on/off the toilet seat.
  • Stability: The stability of the toilet seat is also very important. It is vital to make sure that toilet is very comfortable and stable. You might not want your toilet to be wobbling or shifting when you are using it. Neither will you want it to suddenly collapse under you. It is important to check that it can handle your weight and also others people's, it is easy to set up and is able to stay stable during usage.
  • Cleaning: The toilet is expected to always be very clean and hygienic during our use. In line with this, it is essential to go for a toilet seat that is very easy to retain and clean.
  • Installation: There are 2 main types of setting up techniques for the toilet riser. There are those that are installed under the base of the toilet, as well as those that are installed over the top of the toilet and often come with their own legs. You should decide based on if you will prefer to use the toilet seat of the best-raised toilet seat for hip replacement or if you will prefer to use the normal toilet seat. If you plan to use your normal toilet seat, then you will need to go for toilet seat risers that are installed under the toilet. On the other hand, you want to use a different toilet seat apart from the one that comes with the normal toilet, then a toilet seat riser that
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How to Install a Toilet Seat Riser?

STEP 1: Remove the Toilet Seat.

A toilet seat riser need a level and tight fit in order to keep its safety and hygienic properties. The original toilet seat is attached by a series of screws. Place the toilet seat hinges behind the current toilet seat. The screws of the hinges are often covered by a cap. The screwdriver will be used to lift up the caps from the toilet seat hinges. Next, to remove the screws from the hinges you will need the screwdriver. Some plumbers use silicone to seal the hinges to the toilet seat. If that is the case, you can use the utility knife to cut the silicone by inserting it between the hinge and the toilet bowl. Easily follow the dimension of the hinge, once the screws are out and the silicone cut, you can lift the toilet seat from the base.

STEP 2: Set up the Toilet Seat Riser

The best thing about a toilet seat riser is how simple they are to attach with your own toilet, it will fit on every toilet. The majority of toilet seat risers link to the toilet base with 3 or more plastic clips. The toilet seat riser will have notches on the front and each side. Put in the clips under the lip of the toilet bowl and the place the toilet seat riser on top of the toilet bowl and align the clips. Finally, push the seat down until it locks. Some toilet seat risers have dials that you turn to create a stronger seal.

STEP 3: Attach the Lid

Take off the hinges from the old toilet seat and lid by the screwdriver. You will only need to use the lid. Lift the hinges on the toilet seat riser and screw the toilet seat lid into right place.

To sum up, Toilet Riser is the best solution to obtain increased stability and ease getting on and off the commode. Each raised toilet seat riser is created to lower the need to bend down. Beside that, it also minimizing the risk to those who have delicate hips and joints and provided greater safety and cause less strain for mobility patients. It is also called as the Bathroom Assist Devices that are easier to sit down upon and easier to get up. They provided increased bathroom safety by decreasing injury risks related to bathroom falls as a specialized commode seats. Some of these elevated toilet seats come with grab handles or arm rests to provide an additional aid in sitting or getting up for people with decreased mobility.