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Huge toilet changeout plan aired

New York, NY, Mayor David Dinkins announced a three-year changeout rebate program to replace over 25% of the city’s 4 million toilets with 1.6 gpf models. The $276-million program would require building owners and homeowners to use licensed master plumbers for the installation work to insure accountability. Installation of the first flushing toilet in a […]

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Comfortseats-where quality & comfort meet

Contractors and plumbers encounter problems on jobsites, it is part of the job. When it comes to toilet seats, a top concern by contractors, plumbers and customers alike are return visits or call-backs. Call-backs are usually caused by ill-fitting seats, squeaking hinges, rusted screws or chipped paint on molded wood seats.Seats has listened to the […]

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Andrex unrolls premium Gold

Scott Paper Co will launch Andrex Gold, a super-premium brand of toilet paper as part of its Andrex line. Thicker and more absorbent than other products on the market, Andrex Gold will be launched in polyurethane-wrapped four-packs. Scott expects the new brand to cut into the rising market shares of own-label toilet tissue products, and […]

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A thrifty green brand called Marcal

Marcal Paper Mills Inc, sticking to its traditional, bottom-line style of management, has developed a recycling process that enables it to turn junk mail into toilet paper. The company’s trucks, empty after making supermarket deliveries on Long Island, New York, now swing by Long Island post offices and load up with undeliverable third-class mail. Even […]

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No relief from bureaucracy

I want to know which mayoral candidate will deliver public toilets. Is that too much to ask? San Francisco has them. So does Boston. Seattle and Los Angeles will get them soon. More than 500 European cities have them. They’re secure, cheap, attractive and, most of all, clean. They answer urgent needs.For 10 years, through […]

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The Toilet A Celebration

The Japan Toilet Assn is an organization formed to improve the world’s toilets and create a 21st century ‘toilet culture.’ An excerpt from a promotional brochure is presented.From an invitation to the lnternational Toilet Symposium, a three-day conference held in June in Kobe, Japan, sponsored by the Japan Toilet Association. Promodonal literature for the conference […]

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Paper’s new role

​​​Paper products manufacturers are utilizing technological advances to produce new toilet papers. The rising cost of raw materials increases the press​ure on manufacturers to justify price increases by offering something new. Amon​g the innovative products are toilet papers that use baking soda to combat odor and moist wipes to provide better cleaning. Manufacturers are also […]

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Shoppers are paying less for toilet tissue

The bottom has fallen out of 100 roll prices–if you’ll excuse the toilet humour.The typical retail price of toilet paper has dropped from an average of [pounds sterling]3.48 a pack in March 2012, to [pounds sterling]3.21 this week–a decline of 8%.Own-label shoppers have made the biggest savings, with the average price of a pack of own-label 100 […]

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